Thursday, 24 November 2016

[Recap] The Wolf Kiss Chapter 8

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The chapter stats with Akane doing the dishes and Yuito acting as a clinging kid not wanting to part from her. Yuito ignores Akane’s remarks and kisses her, though Akane just yells and kicks him. Yuito reminds her of time and when she checks her phone sees that Midori is calling her. Yuito acts as a jealous boyfriend and on Akane’s question why he never called or texted him he answers that if he texted he would want to hear her voice, if he called he would want to see her, but if he did nothing he could be patient. Akane tries to see his blushing face but he stops her telling that he’s becoming less and less cool. Then he tells her that because they are already late they should go on a date.

Yuito drags Akane to the shop as she only has her uniform and needs plain clothes. Akane looks very pretty and Yuito tells her that. On their date they go to the cemetery to say hello to his brother. Yuito starts talking about him, that he was very kind mostly like Kane. He tells her that he wanted to tell his brother that he became calmer as now he has found the most important person in his life. Akane blushes when she hears that she’s the most important person for him and she introduces herself to the grave and starts talking about Yuito; that he looks like a hooligan, but he’s very kind and she loves him a lot. Yuito is shocked and asks what is she doing. But Akane tells him that his brother definitely hears everything as does her mom too. Yuito laughs. Kane is happy but as it always goes something goes wrong.

The rain starts and Yuito starts shaking, she he tells Akane that the day when his brother died it was raining/ when there was rain his brother was always picking him up, that da his brother got into a car accident, if he was operated asap he would have lived, but their dad operated a politician for a profit. Yuito blames himself for his brother’s death and tells Akane that he and his dad are the ones who killed brother. Akane starts telling him that it was not his fault, but once she sees Yuito’s cold eyes she knows she can’t do anything. There’s someone calling Akane (I think it’s Midori.)


Find out what happens next in a week! There’s not much left!

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