Thursday, 8 December 2016

[Recap] The Wolf Kiss Chapter 10

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The chapter starts with Akane worrying about Yuito. He hasn’t contacted her and hasn’t come to school, she also went to his house, but there was no one. Lost in thoughts she didn’t see how a man came up to her. That’s Yuito’s dad and smiling he asks her if she could break up with his son. (And the devil appeared…). He starts talking about how she will not make any difference of she’s dating son. At this time Yuito appears out of nowhere and shouts that Akane for him is the most precious precious person for him. Akane stats fussing about Yuito’s clothes. Yuito’s dad starts talking some nonsense, when Yuito tells him that he’s not thinking about revenge anymore. He won’t become a doctor at that his dad tells him that he’s his only heir, he’ll have to become a doctor and work in the hospital. Then he takes out a plain ticket to U.S. telling Yuito that he will be studying there. Yuito refuses, but then his dad tells him that If he goes there he’ll acknowledge Akane, but then they’ll soon break up as they won’t be able to see each other. Yuito becomes furious, but Akane stops him telling that it will be alright and he should try going there, then she tells his dad that he feelings won’t falter and she’ll prove it and the he should apologize for what he did to Yuito’s brother. His dad agrees and walks away.

Next, Akane starts fussing about Yuito’s bruise on the face. Then Yuito starts acting as a small kid asking if she will be missing him once he’s gone. Akane just tells him that she knows that their feelings wont change. He agrees but tells her that she needs to get her punished. They go to a photo studio where Akane is dressed in a wedding dress and Yuito tells her that her wants a picture with her I it. He puts a ring on her finder and tells her that it’s a mark that she belongs to him and she has to always wear it. Akane blushes and starts walking away. Then she turns around and hugs him telling that she doesn’t walk him to go away. Yuito just tells her that he believes he’ll come back soon.

Their wedding ceremony is just a photo and a cheap ring, but for them it’s something precious. Akane the starts crying and telling him that she’ll miss him a lot, she’ll be really lonely without him. Akane sits in the classroom thinking about Yuito, while Yuito is packing and gets his bike’s keys from Akane’s dad. He is driving when a truck runs into him because the driver was talking on the phone.


…… oh, oh, now Yuito might die…. Find out the finale next Thursday!

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