Thursday, 22 December 2016

[Recap] Love, Kiss, Body Chapter 6


I’m finally recapping my favourite author’s work. You can always read the review if you want to on my blog. If you remember in the last chapter Sasa and Maki finally admitted their feelings and are now dating. The chapter starts with girls flocking Maki but he ignores them and tells Sasa to follow him. Sasa asks him if its okay to go to his place as she wants to see Noah and Rezan. He refuses, saying that it’s their date and they shouldn’t be spending it at home. Sasa is sitting at class watching Maki play football, when he staggers and falls. Next we see a total hottie Maki sitting on his couch and telling Sasa that he is fine. But Sasa is still fussing over him, she tries to call his dad but he tells her that he won’t even answer the phone as he’s busy at work. Maki tells Sasa that she should better go, but she just tells him that she won’t go as she’s his girlfriend and it’s the girlfriend’s duty ti be with him when he’s lonely. Maki just smiles.

While Maki rests, Sasa tries to cook something. She looks at Maki’s sleeping face and also falls asleep. The ringing of the phone wakes her up, it’s her dad, she tries to explain that she was acting as a nurse to her ill friend. Maki also wakes up and tells her that his temperature has gone down and she should go back and not worry. Her parents She agrees, but still worries about Maki’s health. Answering Maki’s question she just tells him that she was really happy for spending this much time with him alone. She walks away but is lost in thoughts how she already misses Maki. She hears her parents worrying about her. She puts her hand on the door. At that time Maki is not feeling well and tells Rezan that everything is fine and he can do everything himself like always. He falls asleep but wakes up because Sasa is calling him. He sees her asking if he’s okay. He asks her what is she doing there. She explains that she was already at the door but returned because she wanted to be with him a bit more. He hugs her and says that he too and then confesses hat before he was okay alone, but now if he’s not with her he’s not fine. Sasa starts making fun of him saying that he’s like an overgrown kid. Maki gets pissed and drags her on his bed, saying that if she’s so cocky she might get her punishment. Sasa is startled but Maki starts tickling her and when she looks up to him they’re in an awkward situation.

They quickly stop and then Maki asks Sasa if she knows why he doesn’t bring her her to his place. He then answers his own question: When they stay alone he wants to touch her and even now he’s trying to calm himself not to jump her. Sasa blushes as she understands that touch and kisses follow each other and maybe she won’t be going home today.


Maki is getting more and more romantic! I just love this couple! Find out if they kiss or do more next Thursday! If you have any suggestions or recommendations comment or email me.

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