Thursday, 29 December 2016

[Recap] Love, Kiss, Body, Chapter 7

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The chapter starts with Sasa’s thoughts. She thinks that kisses and closeness, she’s not ready, but …

She’s trembling and Maki stops, he apologizes and tells her that for him kisses and sex is easy, but he’s not going to make Sasa do anything she’s not comfortable with. Sasa’s face goes blank so when Maki asks what’s wrong, she tells him that before he was harassing her on every corner, but now that he says it, it’s strange. Maki just tells her that it’s her fault, because with her everything is serious. They fall asleep holding hands. Next morning, they walk hand in hand and Sasa says that she knew she would get back only in the morning. She sees parents and her mom runs, hugging her telling that she was worries. Her dad asks Maki to explain this situation. He apologizes and asks permission to date Sasa. She blushes but her dad asks furiously what Maki did to Sasa. She tries to cover, but her dad just says that he can’t see Maki’s seriousness, as if he was he would make Sasa call home. Maki walks away, but Sasa tries to stop him and he just says that he should go, she’s too protected by her family. Sasa is in despair thinking about how lonely and hurt Maki could be.

Next morning, after school Sasa asks Maki if they should go together, he agrees, she tries to explain the events of yesterday, but then when looks at Maki she’s wondering why he’s not looking or talking to her or coming closer. She then holds his hand. Maki is startled and breaks the hold, then he just walks away telling her to be careful on tomorrow’s school trip. Sasa is still worried about Maki and doesn’t have fun on her trip Okinawa. She’s sad as Maki hasn’t answered her text. She is wondering if it’s a quarrel or misunderstanding. She just wants to show Maki Okinawa and she wants to share this moment with him. She’s close to tears and walks away to call. She calls Maki and half-crying telling him that he’s an idiot and he should fly here right now. He just asks where she is, not understanding Sasa answers that she’s on the beach next to the airport, when she turns around Maki is right there saying that he caught her.


oh, oh, things get steamy or a bit steamy… find out what Maki will tell Sasa next Thursday! If you have any recommendations or comments don’t forget to comment below or email me!

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