Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Just Another Random Post #3: Finally Watching NERVE

Hello, everyone!

Missed my random sessions? I did, initially, I already wanted to do at least two, but somehow, I just never got to it.

So, now you're wondering what's today's random post about? well, this movie was on my to-read-watch list as soon as I saw the trailer and been waiting for it since it came out, that was somewhere in fall if I'm not mistaken. Now you think why only now? Well, I couldn't find the HD quality on my favourite web-site. it was finally when I submitted all my assignments and even got myself sick that I finally sat down and watched it.

I was not disappointed, I expected it to be great, and it was. you might think it doesn't have any deep idea, but let me be wrong here, it does, and that's "think before you do something!" I love Emma Roberts and this was an awesome movie! I could even say that I loved her since I was a kid, okay a teenager, and I never miss any of her movies.

I remember when I was reading Delirium, it didn't quite appeal to me, however, after I watched the pilot episode of it with Emma Roberts as the main character, I even had the urge to finish reading the series! In the book I hated Lena, but in the movie, she appealed to me a lot. What did you think? Or have you watched it yet?

Anyway, if you haven't watched Nerve yet, and want to know what's it about, here's the trailer!

Have fun watching, and don't forget to share your thoughts below! 



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