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[Recap] The Wolf Kiss Chapter 11 [END]

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Time for the final chapter folks! It starts with a drawing of bike in blood and a text message:

Subject: for Akane
I love you.

Akane is calling Yuito to ask if he’s already in airport. But she receives the message that there was an accident. She rushes to the hospital and sees Yuito in a bad shape. Akane can’t believe that Yuito might die. At the same time Yuito’s dad is getting ready for the operation. His assistant asks him about another operation, but he just answers that he has to save his son. We see that apparently, it was Yuito’s brother – Masato who told his dad to operate another guy first. Then Yuito’s dad walks into the room.

Akane is sitting in the waiting room looking at the ring. She starts remembering the wedding ceremony and their talk: “hey, Kurosaki (That’s Yuito) do you know why the ring should be on the left ring finger?” He answers that he doesn’t know, so she tells him that that finger is closest to the heart that’s why she will be wearing this ring. Yuito is happy and pushes her down again. Akane starts hitting him and tells him that he has to send her lots of messages. Then Yuito kisses her hand promising her that he’ll be texting and calling her.

Akane is still crying about Yuito when Midori come up to her. Akane breaks down crying asking what should she do, as Yuito might die. Midori tries to calm her, but Akane just continues to cry. Yuito is still lying on the table…

10 years later, we see grown up Midori sulking because he has to go with someone. Akane just tells him that he could put her interests in front because she makes bento for him every day. Then she just tells him that he should just find himself a girlfriend if he doesn’t like it. Then she just asks him why he doesn’t have a girlfriend even though he looks cool. Midori blushes and shouts that it’s her and her boyfriend’s fault. Akane just acts as an idiot, at that time the wind blows and there’s a foot of someone. It’s Yuito with a small kid asking Midori if it’s alright blaming others in his loneliness. Akane asks Yuito where his father is. He tells her that he had to return to the hospital. Akane remembers that day when she started believing in miracles.

They start talking about Yuito’s dad when He shuts Akane up with a kiss and tells her that he loves her. At that time Akane’s and Yuito’s kid asks Midori to hold her. He takes her and then she tells him that if he’s lonely, Sakura will become his bride. Though Midori tries to discourage her saying that he’s her uncle, Sakura ignores him and kisses him saying it’s a promise. Parent conspire and then ask Midori to look after Sakura as they would be back late. Akane is behind Yuito on a bike when she asks him if he’s happy, and he answers that he is because Akane is next to him.


aww and here I thought he would die or something… well, it was a great story, don’t forget to comment or email me your suggestions. Next week I’m starting with Chiba Kozue’s work! Don’t miss it!

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