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Mini Manga Review: You're My Girlfriend by Maki Minami

Title: You're my Girlfriend
Original Title: Kimi wa Girlfriend
Author: Maki Minami
Artist: Maki Minami

Year of Release: 2004
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo,

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 4

Volumes & Chapters:

1 Volume in Total 


From the author of Special A, a oneshot about a girl named Hatsune with a "bad mouth", for lack of a better description. She's kind-hearted and all, but her mouth spews the total opposite of what she means (which is probably due to the fact that she grew up with five brothers, a father, and no mom). And so she is seen as an arrogant, mean girl at her school, and that is why she hasn't had a boyfriend for the past fifteen years of her life. Well, that is, until she gets accepted at this Maidens' Club, where she meets a guy called Kirie with a somewhat unique habit (it happens when a girl comes within six inches of him). How will these two fare? Will Hatsune finally have a boyfriend at last? Will she be more than just a "girl" friend?

My Thoughts

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Review covers 4 chapters 

Hello everyone and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Mini manga review has a work of Maki Minami. You might know this author for Special A and Voice Over –Lovely Transformation, I covered the latest one back in March. I though it would be just a normal romance story, but as soon as I started reading I had my doubts to even get a solid confession at the end of the 4th chapter (that’s the last chapter).

Well, of you are looking for a typical romance story, that’s not for you. This story is fun because it is focused on romance only secondarily. It’s more focused on Hatsune and her amazing attitude. She cracked me up on every page/ she said with an absolutely smiling face that her classmates were idiots who loved karaoke. She’s awesome and the way she always though of Kirie as gay? I just wished to see her face when he finally would tell her his orientation. Her advances to make friends… there are too many moments that leave you with stomachache, because you laugh too much.

I highly recommend to read this story, if you want to read something unusual but sweet. Have fun and stay tuned for more on Katie’s Corner! Happy reading!




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