Monday, 22 August 2016

Manga Review: Fashion Doll by Mea Sakisaka

Title: Fashion Doll
Original Title: Himekei Doll
Author: Mea Sakisaka
Artist: Mea Sakisaka

Year of Release: 2007 - 2008
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 24 

Volumes & Chapters:

4 Volumes in Total 


Ayumu is absolutely in love with the young fashion designer Renji. She even enrolls in the same high school as him! After a certain incident, Renji finds out just how much Ayumu loves him, and that she's determined to help him with his clothing line, [BanDit]. He agrees to let her help him, but finds out that she could also be a talented designer (although she can't sew at all) herself!

My Thoughts

Review covers 24 chapters 

Do you remember the manga that I have reviewed a really long time ago – The One? No? then please check it out, it’s awesome! But if you have heard of it, you know that it’s about modelling business. Well, because I had a great number of books and mangas to review (there are at least 20 new stories that I have yet to write a review for…) I thought it would be better to read an old already reviewed story, rather ten get more information into my head and forget what I should write. Therefore, after once again reading The One I started craving something model related, so if in the next few months you’ll find a number of mangas fashion related do not mind it, I’m having my mood swings!

This is a short story, but it’s absolutely cute and fun. There is nothing drama or tragedy like as in The One, mostly it’s fun to read. The story follows Ayumu, who transfers into a designer school to be close to the person she loves – Renji, as very well known designer. So will those two end up together or will Renji reject our cute and cheerful Ayumu? Don’t worry the story won’t disappoint you. We’re going to see a fantastic denial played by Renji in the first few chapters. But once those two finally acknowledge their mutual love everything goes smoothly, or dies it? That’s for you to find out! But beware, the story is not all fluffy, it’s lots of fun and romance, but it does have some serious issues outlined.

Enjoy it to your fullest and don’t forget to share your thoughts below! Stay tuned for more reviews as well as promos. Don’t miss your next favourite book or manga! Happy reading!




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