Thursday, 5 March 2015

Manga Review: Half & Half by Seo Kouji

Title: Half & Half 
Original Title: Half and Half 
Author: Seo Kouji 
Artist: Seo Kouji 

Year of Release: 1996 (debut) 2007/2012 (Serialization)
Genres: Drama, Ecchi, Mature, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural, Tragedy

Status: One Shot 
Chapters (Translated in English): 1
Volumes & Chapters: - 


Nagakawa Shinichi and Sanada Yuuki both get involved in an accident and die together, but they are given a chance to live again. A voice lets them survive for seven more days. However, that after the time limit, one of two must die again.
Also, their lives will be shared, including emotions (guilt) and physical sensations (pain). They are told not to leave the other's side, else both of them die. Now, with each of them wanting to save his/her own life, how will the next seven days of non-separation be like? Will they get along?

My Thoughts

Review covers 1 chapter

An amazing one-shot, which afterwards got a serialization. I think the serialization began somewhere in 2012, while the debut work was written in 1996. The most amazing thing about this one-shot is its plot and idea behind it.

Imagine, you died and then you were resurrected, but there are some circumstances, because of which now you share a soul with a person who died at the same time as you. Now, let’s see what I mean when I say “you share a soul”. All your feeling, your desires are felt by that person. You are thinking something dirty? That person feels or may even hear your thoughts. Creepy right? Well, now, think of a situation, where plus of what I have just described, you only have 7 days to live and you have to decide who has to die on the 7th day.

I think the author wished to bring forth the human nature in this one-shot. However, in the serialization it is much more vivid, maybe because he had more pages to draw out what he wished to show us? The one-shot is mostly focuses on how the characters we spending these 7 days, how they were getting to know each other and how they even fell in love with each other. This one-shot holds a lot of raw emoti0ns and the ending is just really not satisfying. You shout: “what? Why? I want the sequel…” I suppose, because of a lot of such exclamations this one-shot turned into a series. And I may say that the series is as amazing as the original. It covers more of the characters feeling, their frustration, their dreams and their expectations.

I hope you will find 10-15 minutes to read this amazing and unique one-shot. It will depend on you if you want to read the serialization, however I highly recommend it. I will cover it a soon as it is finished; it just drives me crazy to wait for each chapter more than a month. Hope you will enjoy it to its fullest and you will spare 2 minutes of your time to share what you think about it.




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