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Book Review: Shades of Obsession by J. R. King ( Obsession Series #1)

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title: Shades of Obsession

Author: J. R. King

Publication Date: December, 31

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

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The Obsession series is a tale of romantic obsession set in 2010s Boston, that gradually reveals a previous connection between the rich Turners and the middle-class Andersons. Alexander will stop at nothing to get Elena Anderson, destroying everything and everyone who dares coming between them.

A popular quarterback rapes Elena Anderson—the object of Alexander Turner’s obsession—not long after her sixteenth birthday. Alexander, who’s much older, decides to interfere.
Elena’s boyfriend disappears, and she moves to California. While Alexander focuses on his career, Elena obtains a Stanford degree, then moves back to Boston. To get the girl, Alexander pleads, harasses, and even ridicules himself. Elena manipulates him as only a woman can, and just when she thinks she has the upper hand, he has her kidnapped.

My Thoughts:

I couldn't really finish the book. In the beginning I was confused and was even frustrated with the main characters, mainly with Alexander. He was just reciting how awesome he was at working, with ladies and saying the brand names all the time. That confused me a lot, because I am not a brand whore like Alexander is. So in the beginning I had to do the research to understand what he was talking about. But as time passed, and I got to know more of Alexander, and got the idea of him and understood that if he didn’t talk about himself and brands he wouldn’t have been the Alexander Turner the authors wished him to be.
The story is quite dark and I really loved that in the very beginning the author told us what to expect and what not. That cracked me up, but it still made a lot of sense. The story is about a young man – Alexander Turner; well he’s not that young now if we think of it. It tells us of his obsession with a young girl – Elena Anderson. The story is not of this amazing pure love, it’s dark and that’s what makes it amazing. If you’ve read 50 shades of grey, and thought that something was missing (like I did), well you’ll love this book. It’s what a dark erotica should be like – intense, fiery and with lots of raw emotions.
If I got to like Alexander throughout the book, unfortunately the same didn’t happen with Elena. I don’t get it, but I didn’t really like her from the beginning and somehow she couldn’t change my mind. She is good character; she is what you would expect her to be. For me she was somehow artificial. Always fixated on herself. But as we say: you never discuss others’ tastes. Or something like that.
What I really enjoyed in this book was how the relationship between Alexander and Elena progressed. It was somehow really real. Both of them before coming together had other relationships, and half of the book tells us about them. You’ll think that Alexander would have been faithful to Elena during his obsession. Sorry to disappoint you there. You get to read a lot about his relationships and in very vivid colors. You read and you see all of it in front of you.  Well, if I got you interested grab your copy now! And indulge yourself in this outstanding book. I can promise you only one thing: if you are a fan of dark erotica you’ll adore this book immensely. 

My Rating:

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