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Manga Review : 1/3 Romantica by Shibano Yuka

Title: 1/3 Romantica
Original Title: 1/3 Romantica
Author: Shibano Yuka
Artist: Shibano Yuka

Year of Release: 2008
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, School Life

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 3 + 2 one shots

Volumes & Chapters: 

Volume 1 Chpaters 1-3 + 2 one shots


Hana started going out with Tokumoto-kun, who's popular with both the class and the girls. She's being played around with by the guy's pace. Hana falls in love more and more with his kindness and his sense of humor. But, then she finds out about his ex-girlfriend, who is a teacher…!

Also includes two other stories:

• Cm na Futari
This is a love story between childhood friends.
They’ve always been together so it’s hard to go from childhood friends to lovers, right? Michika thinks that people who try to trick her are bastards, but Yuki saved her. She thought he was so cool that she fell in love.

• My Life My Melody
Aoi met Kei, the street guitarist after running away from home one day. Aoi’s life is not at all perfect as her family kept ignoring and not realizing her existence. Can Kei help Aoi to go through with her life?

My Thoughts

Review covers 3 chapters 

Ah, a good old shoujo manga. There are only 3 chapters and 2 one shots in the book. You get a load of drama and romance mixed together in only 3 chapters. This was the first time I have read Shibano Yuka’s work, but I will be covering some of her other works later on the blog.

Well, let’s see what we have here. We have a girl – Hana who falls in love with her classmate Tokumoto Rintarou. As always every character in shoujo manga has its secrets. And of course Rin is no exception. It seems that he was dating the teacher, but when Hana confesses to him, he doesn’t reject her and they actually do start going out. Those parts are a lot of fun; their dates especially and the banter between Hana and Rin. There is a portion of heartbreak in the manga, when Hana breaks up with Rin, so he can go back to his first love. But what will Rin choose? Will he go back to his relationship with the teacher or will he go back to Hana to have a happy end?

I liked this manga for its simplicity and for the not disappointing as a short shoujo manga. The characters were well developed even though there was not much said about them. Especially Hana. She was really mature, if you can call it that. She is fun, but at the same time she loves Rin unconditionally and she wishes him to be happy even if he is not with her. You will like her a lot. You will also love the one shots included in the book: 1 centimeter and my melody.

I hope you find about 20 minutes to spare and read it. You’ll like it a lot. Enjoy it to its fullest. Happy reading. If you liked it, share your thoughts with me.




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