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Book Review : A Tempest Soul by Oliver Phipps

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title: A Tempest Soul

Author: Oliver Phipps

Publication Date: 7 Aug, 2014

Publisher: Gray Door

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Seventeen year old Gina Falcone has been alone for much of her young life. Her father passed away while she was young. Her unaffectionate mother eventually leaves her to care for herself when she is only thirteen. 

Though her epic journey begins in 1920 by an almost deadly mistake, Gina will find many of her hearts desires in the most unlikely of places. The loss of everything is the catalyst that brings her to an unimagined level of accomplishment in her life. 

Yet Gina soon realizes it is the same events that brought her success that may also bring everything crashing down around her. The new life she has built soon beckons for something she left behind. Now the new woman must find a way to dance through a life she could have never dreamed of. 

My Thoughts:

Wow! This book was just amazing! It was the first time I have read a book by Oliver Phipps, and I believe it will not be the last one. The book has a lot of emotions woven into it. It tells a story of a woman who had nothing and then climbed to her success with her power and determination.

The book has really string characters, especially Gina – the main character. I cheered on her all the way though out the book. I was screaming at her (in my mind) in the beginning, and catching my breath every time she succeeded or failed in something. I was something infuriated with her, especially in the last chapters, but afterwards I understood why it was done as it was. The way flamenco was described, made me want to study it and dance, but I just know that I am not that passionate about it, so I would not have that soul inside of me like Gina had. Her life “adventures” are amazing and are really lifely. Is there such word? The book is a story of a life. It has hardships and those hardships make a person harder.

The way Gina behaves and lives makes you wonder if you would have lived like that if you were she. The time frame is described as if the author lives in the 20s and seen everything himself. The style of writing, the words that he chooses to say in this or that situation makes the reader believe he is right next to the characters and not sitting on a couch and reading about them. The book sucked me into it from the first pages. It was the first time I could read in the bus, and I remember my friends were patting me to bring me back to reality.

I loved the book very much. I think it taught me something new. I can’t pinpoint it yet, but I know that after reading it something changed in me. I recommend this book to everyone, especially to whose, who have lost their way in life and try to seek something new. I hope you will enjoy it to its fullest. Happy reading, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with me. Stay tuned for more reviews at Katie’s Corner!



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