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Book Review: Liar Charms by Lorain O'Neil

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title: Liar Charms

Author: Lorain O'Neil

Publication Date: 13 Dec 2013

Publisher: Amazon Digital 

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 Remy’s been kidnapped. Sent to auction! And she doesn’t have the vaguest idea why. 

But intractable businessman Isaiah Grommet knows, knows what he’s purchased, knows what Remy was bred for, knows what she is: a Liar Charm. Some training from Pakken, Inc., and Remy will be invaluable to his billionaire’s empire.

Voluntary or not.

But hipster Remy has her own snarkily colorful ideas about enslaved servitude and she’s NOT seeking corporate approval.

So as long as Pakken doesn't find out what Remy REALLY is, what Isaiah accidentally did that regrettably requires her immediate execution, Remy might just land it all smack in the Hudson!

Either way, get ready for Charmocalypse, Isaiah!

The Liar Charms is a 62,000 word humorous thriller novel. Samples from the author’s other books are attached.

My Thoughts:

What do we have here today? Well, to say the truth I liked the book, however, it was as if I was still not satisfied with it. It has quite an interesting and confusing plot and the characters are all interesting, nevertheless while reading it, it still lacked something. When I just finished it I thought it was lack of romance, however, when I started writing my thoughts down, bam! Yep, here it was. For me, and I write it in bold, (it is just my opinion), it lacked the action and description of the powers. Somehow, after reading a lot of comics, it turned out that I am a total action-lover.

Now, let me just break down everything, so it will start making sense for you (Hopefully, probably …). I loved the idea of people who can see thought lies and truths. That underground organisation was also quite an amazing thing. The one phrase nearly gave me a heart attack: “Your fathers do not think that by kidnapping you and selling you they are doing something bad. They see your existence as something beneficial to them, because it was them who created you.” When I read that I sat on my couch open mouthed and my tea cup slipped from my hand and my pyjamas were covered with tea. But that’s not relevant now. I mean how sick can you be to see your own child that way? This book shows a lot of ugly sides of human nature. I did not really pinpoint any “heroes” there; I might even say that it was a perfect villain book. Okay, I will exclude Remy and Jesse from the entire villain group. Remy because she is the main character and the only sensible one there. And Jesse because I didn’t know a lot of him, and what I’ve read about him, he was quite okay.

Let me just cover some of the things which I thought needed a bit more of the description. One is the ending. Don’t take me wrong, but it just ended too fast and too confusing. There was no great masterminding and I really love that. The intrigue with Packen was not all that big. You got a big load of information here and there and you could solve the whole mystery by yourself somewhere in the middle of the book. Well, that does not seem promising; however, you still want to read more. What I meant by it ending too fast. There were no awesome battles of the minds and that just ticked in my head. I mean every supernatural book should have an amazing ending with lots of action.

However, it really is a nice book and a great read when you want to make your mind wander off to somewhere else. You will love the banter between the characters and oh well, you will definitely love Remy for her sassy attitude and wit. Hope you’ll get your copy now to see what a Liar Charm is and what is going in the world which is not seen by us. Enjoy it to its fullest and don’t forget to share your thoughts with me.



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