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Book Review : Mystic by Alyson Noel ( Souls Seekers #3)

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title:  Mystic

Author:  Alyson Noel

Publication Date:  7th May 2013

Publisher:  St. Martin's Griffin

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 Since arriving in the dusty desert town of Enchantment, everything in Daire Santos life has changed...and not always for the better. While she's come to accept and embrace her new powers as a Soul Seeker, Daire struggles with the responsibility she holds navigating between the worlds of the living and the dead--and her mission to defeat the evil Cade Richter.  But Cade's soul is inextricably entwined with that of her boyfriend Dace, putting their love to the ultimate test.  How can she defeat Cade if it means destroying Dace too?  And is their love strong enough to survive death—and what lies beyond?

MYSTIC is the third book in The Soul Seekers, a magnificent new series about a girl who can navigate between the worlds of the living and the dead, by #1 New York Times bestselling author Alyson Noël.

My Thoughts:

Even though I was really shouting : "WHT??? and The Echo ended perfectly!!!" and while I debated to read or not this one for an hour, I still thought, if I have purchased it, why not to read it. and after being in 20% into the book, and learning that there is a fourth one??? I said : "Katie, you are going to read, just to know what is going to be in it!" Proved myself right, I read it and loved it.

Despite, me shouting that Echo had an amazing ending, This book doesn't dissapoint you in any way. It is amazing, it is fast going, maybe sometimes even too fast. Because, I sometimes really had this crazy idea of jumping through pages, and I was going back, just to ensure myself that I haven't left anything out.

But it lacked one thing, and that is more Axel. Really, I do hope to see him more in Horizon ( fourth and final book in Soul Seekers Series). Again Cade doesn't dissapoint us in his psychotism, if not he surpasses it. The Guy has real great wits, such a pity he wastes them in a cruelty. But guess, most great minds are unfortunately wasted on bad deals.

If you had a doubht that Dace's and Daire's love was not true, and they weren't fated, you just get all the arguments to support their true love. And I was really moved by Dace's first appearance in the book. I nearly cried. And Daire... I always name girls like her pathetic, and thinking about only love, but even when she thinks first of Dace and then her mom, It was the first time, I called such girl lovestruck, and in a good meaning of that word. I really adore Daire, because she is really human, she is a person, which you want to become, the role model. Sometimes I do think that authors give us really good role models, and it's up to us to choose which character to choose. But never forget. their lives are fiction, but you should definately learn some of their attitudes, and features.

And another argument why to read this book? You remember Cade, the psychotic demonic twin? You think you can't have even more psychotic person in the book. Sorry I should prove you wrong, there is another person, but hopefully for us, he is eliminated in the end. Unfortunately Cade is still alive. But really, if you though Cade was crazy, this guy is like 1000 times more crazy. So grab your copy now, to know who this person is! Happy reading, and I hope you will enjoy it. I did. And as always, don't forget to leave comments!!! :))

My Rating:

Characters  4/5
Writing       5/5
Cover         4/5 
Plot              4/5

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