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Blog Tour & Review : Dryad by Sonya Solomonovich

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Today I am having a tour stop for Sonya Solomonovich’s book Dryad. Enjoy!!!

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title:  Dryad

Author:  Sonya Solomonovich

Publication Date:  October 1, 2013

Publisher:  Sonya Solomonovich

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 Solena is a dryad from the South American rainforest who is scorned by other dryads for her obsession with the human world. She likes to wear makeup, read human magazines such as Narcissism Carnival, and unlike self-respecting dryads who live under the stars, she lives in a treehouse.
But when the rain forest is threatened by a timber corporation, it is Solena who is chosen to prevent disaster by going undercover in a human company.
What she discovers goes much deeper than simply the fate of the rainforest. The future of the world could be at stake.
The humans are going back in time in order to extract natural resources and circumvent environmental laws, and Solena is swept along on a journey back to the 17th century.
The dryad finds herself falling for the heir to the timber corporation, the handsome Rodney Love, but as her adventures take her back in time and deeper into the rainforest, she finds the possibility of another love, one that transcends time itself…
Who will win the dryad’s heart: a smooth-talking billionaire who graces the cover of Narcissism Carnival or a wild and unruly jungle warrior?

About Author:

I’m a writer with several published works including film reviews, online articles, and translations of novels and short stories. I enjoy reading and writing tales of swashbuckling adventure. The optimistic spirit that prevails in adventure books inspires me to write my own stories.

I’ve traveled and adventured around Europe and earned a Master’s degree in English from University College Dublin, Ireland. I currently live in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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My Thoughts:

Tough the book is only 136 pages long, I was reading it for 3 days, not because I didn’t like. No, because I had to attend my 4 year old brother’s birthday, and by attending I mean, help with planning, blah, blah, blah. And I am serious, even I at his age, was having more fun. But I am not here to tell the boring stories, how my weekends have gone, I am here to talk about a really good book.

The book is so fun, I couldn’t help myself but laugh all the time. Sometimes just because of stupidity of characters. We follow Solana Rodriguez aka the dryad into the human world, where she is to prevent the apocalypses called chopping down all trees. The thing is that she kind of falls in love with the son of the boss of the corporation which wants to cause That apocalypses. And then the most astonishing thing happens, they build a time bout and sail into 17th century. And that’s where the fun starts. You will meet crazy ancestor pirate, you will even meet Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawaine. And you will meet Sol’s best friend Anastacious who will afterwards become something more, or so she will think. Okay to cut it short, you will have an amazing time reading the book.

Well the only thing I want to make sure is, Is Tyler really an Alligator? Please after you read the book tell me. Thanks. Next one: Who the hell is Teddy Goldman? I mean, never heard of him. Or maybe I shouldn’t (thinking). I mean thank you Sonya for crashing my dreams about Camelot and King Arthur, I love the guy! I will still be on my side that he was great. Sir Lancelot is just a jealous prick. The best part of the book? You will laugh from page one to the end. Never think that it is stupid, just have patience, and read on, it gets more and more interesting, fun and adventurous.

The only problem except King Arthur I had was, I seriously missed the whole Sonala + Anastacious love fest, I mean, the author described outstandingly how she fell for Rodney, but with Anastacious it was a bit blurry, and actually a little bit boring. I mean if I have known some of my grandparent’s friends in the past and fell for them gross. And Anastacious was her best friend, even more gross. But no matter that tiny problem, I liked the book, can’t say I will read it again, it was a onetime read for me, but I hope you will like it. So, grab your copy now, and get sucked into amazing and fun life of time-travelers. Happy Reading!!! If you like it connects with Sonya. And don’t forget to leave comments JJJ !!!!!

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