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Book Review: In The Beginning by London Miller (Volkov Bratva #1)

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title:  In the Beginning

Author:  London Miller

Publication Date:  24 October, 2013

Publisher:  ---

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 Twenty-year-old Lauren Thompson left her small town in Michigan to begin a new life in the Big Apple where no one knows her name or the tragedy that had rocked her family fifteen years prior. With new friends and an intriguing new love interest, starting over is easier than she expected...but Mishca Volkov isn't what he seems. As the son of a Russian Mob boss, he thrives in a world of chaos and fear, earning the title of Bratva Captain through blood and pain.

When the two cross paths, lines blur and passions ignite, bringing them closer than they could ever imagine. Until secrets from the past threaten to tear them apart. Can they fight past their demons...or were they doomed by fate before they ever met.

**Book Two: Until the End Coming Spring 2014**

My Thoughts:

The book is really fantastic. It’s nothing paranormal, it’s something like a crime story with an awesome romance woven into it. Some time ago I had reviewed Lust, Money & Murder by Mike Wells. Well this book is in that category.

The book follows Lauren Thompson, 20 year old girl to New York, where she meets alluring Mishca Volkov. She  doesn’t know anything about him, but she is deeply attracted to him. But what will happen when she finds out that Mishca is son of Russian Mob’s Leader and that his family played big role in the death of her father? Will she unravel all the secrets in time to save her life and relationship with Mishca, or will she fail and be killed by the one she loves most? Find out now by grabbing you copy and getting lost into underground life of New York.

Author’s use of Russian words gives us the taste of as if we are really alongside the characters. I myself got lost into the book and was cheering up characters and sulking with them when it was needed. I have no idea about Mob life, but how London described it was so vivid I believed her every word. And I think that’s one of the best qualities of the book. The metamorphosis of Lauren is amazing, how she pulled herself up and was speaking with Mikhail Volkov, that was amazing, if not her, but I was really freaking out, and desperately reading to know what will happen next. And the ending, that was something, I am really looking forward reading the second book.

I would recommend this book to mature readers only, because of some serious vivid sexual scenes, but if you think you are ready to read them, that’s your choice. Though there are not many such scenes. I already am planning and wishing what will I see in book two, hope it will be as amazing as this one.

Happy reading!!! Don’t forget to grab your copy now, and of course to leave comments so I know what you think!!! JJ

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