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Book Review : Chameleon An Awakening by Maggie Faire (Forest People #1)

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title:  Chameleon : An Awakening

Author:  Maggie Faire

Publication Date:  22 May, 2013

Publisher: Windtree Press

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 No identity. That’s what it’s like to be a human chameleon, and sixteen-year-old Camryn Painter wonders if she'll ever figure out who the real Camryn is—or should be. Just looking at someone else will cause her body to change into that person. Her parents called it her gift. She calls it her curse.

Then Ohar, a man with impossibly good looks and an ethereal manner offers her a way to claim her birthright by joining the Mazikeen as part of the Forest People. He says she is “the chosen” of the Forest People. The prophecy indicates her powers are beyond any others and she will save their world.

Camryn had always loved the Redwoods at her back door. The stories her mother spun of its inhabitants kept her entertained for much of her childhood. The problem is the stories are real. The forest people are real, human yet not human. They are faery and beasts, evil and angels, mutations of humans and animals over thousands of years. Then there's Dagger, a young man who distrusts the Mazikeen and Ohar, but admits to being a thief and only interested in his own pleasure. All of them want the Chameleon for their own agenda.

With the help of Ohar and Dagger, Camryn learns to control her identity so that she can walk among more than one world. Yet the more Camryn learns, the more she suspects there are too many secrets — dangerous secrets. There are no easy answers, and every decision she makes puts someone’s life in danger.

My Thoughts:

When I read the summary of the book, I was super intrigued. Chameleon? That was new, well, if you are a Shadow Falls fan by C.C. Hunter then you know that Kylie is a chameleon but she changes her brain pattern/supernatural being and not appearance. So this is rather unique ground for me. 

The book is definitely good to read and when finished the first book, you would want to read the second one. But unfortunately sometimes it is too jumbled. Like the world the author is describing needs to be worked on. I really couldn't understand how our/Agnose and their/Forest people's worlds coexisted. Okay with dimensions, but still it wasn't really well described and that I think was the main flow. Also, sometimes we wish the book not to be too boring, here I seriously wished the author to slow down. Everything was happening too fast. Camryn's change process/Kintala was too fast sometimes. I really had to read again and again the part to understand when she developed feelings for Dagger, and seriously what's with the name? The first time I read it, I thought there was a capitalization mistake.

I really can't say that the book is not worth reading. Even though it was sometimes too fast, it covers some very essential problems, like what? Like, that sometimes some people only think about themselves and their "tribe" and they don't give a crap about other people's lives. You can see that in the Queen. And oh right, I nearly forgot, those of you who will consider reading this book, write down some names, you will need them, because I sometimes had a hard time understanding who was who.

Happy Reading everyone, and I myself am going to seek the second book, because I am curious how it all ends. I hope you will like the book. And don't forget to leave comments.

My Rating:

Characters     3/5
Writing          3/5
Cover             2/5
Plot               4/5

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