Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Shadow Falls: After Dark: Reborn by C.C. Hunter COVER REVEAL

Hi everyone,

As a Shadow Falls Fan, the cover reveal of the first book of the new series by C.C. Hunter Shadow Falls: After Dark.

The serie will be about Della, the sassy vampire, but if you are Shadow Falls fan, don't be dissapointed, we will hear about Kylie, Lucas, Miranda, Perry and others. But if you haven't read the original series, don't hesitate and read the now. Here are some links:

Shadow Falls Series:

# 0.5 Turned at Dark ( bonus short story )

# 1 Born at Midnight 

#2 Awaken at Dawn

#3 Taken at Dask

#4 Whispers at Moonrise

#4.5 Saved at Sunrise ( bonus short story )

#5 Chosen at Nightfall

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