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Book Review : Revived by Cat Patrick

Summary ( from Goodreads )

Title: Revived

Author: Cat Patrick

Publication Date: 8th May 2012

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

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It started with a bus crash.
Daisy Appleby was a little girl when it happened, and she barely remembers the accident or being brought back to life. At that moment, though, she became one of the first subjects in a covert government program that tests a drug called Revive.
Now fifteen, Daisy has died and been Revived five times. Each death means a new name, a new city, a new identity. The only constant in Daisy's life is constant change.
Then Daisy meets Matt and Audrey McKean, charismatic siblings who quickly become her first real friends. But if she's ever to have a normal life, Daisy must escape from an experiment that's much larger--and more sinister--than she ever imagined.
From its striking first chapter to its emotionally charged ending, Cat Patrick's Revived is a riveting story about what happens when life and death collide.

Personal Thoughts:

I actually like Cat Patrick's woks. The first book of hers I read was " The Originals ", and I seriously liked it. After I read Forgotten, and after that I came across her second book Revived. The plot was interesting, really who wouldn't be intrigued by a drug which can return you from the dead? Unfortunately my expectations were disappointed. I thought it will be as thrilling as Originals, but sorry...

So, the book, gives us a story of Daisy Appleby, who was killed in a bus crash, and was brought from the dead by a drug called Revive. After that she was revived 5 times. After her 5th revive, she goes to a new city and meets there Matt and Audrey McKean, who become her first real friends. But soon Daisy's life will change, and what will she do about it?...

As for characters, Daisy, was a Okay character, nothing special, and really, why the hell did she go drinking with Wade? That was super idiotic. I didn't like her character that much, and was really disaponted in that. As for her love interest Matt, jeez, he seriously was an idiot! And when he asks Daisy to steal Revive, Brat! I do understand him that his sister is dying, but seriously, he was told so many times by daisy that the drug won't help her, but no, he has to put Daisy in an uncomfortable situation, and what after, he was like a sulking idiot now even talking to Daisy, total idiot.

The only character which I really liked was Audrey. She was the best, even after her death, she tried to link her brother and Daisy, and that was the best quality I think she possesed. She loved her brother, and I do think she loved Daisy too. And I do really think that even if Daisy told her about Revive, she wouldn't be like her brother, complaining that Revive can't help her. I think like some cancer patients, she came to terms that it was her time, she knew it wasn't fair, but she still came to terms, and that what I liked about her.

Actually, the plot is interesting from time to time, but the writing and characters were really poorly described. I was always into Cat's books, but not this time, I doubt I will be able to read the book again. The book lacked action. While reading I was like: now I'll see some action, okay, now I'll see. It was frustrating, everything was going for this whole revealing God's true intentions, and Bam, we don't even get to read how he and his daughter are captured. We just jump to Daisy being in the hospital, and Mason telling her that God and Jesus aka Cassie are captured and there will be trial and all that jazz. It was awfully uninteresting, and was really hard to read. But that's my opinion, who knows maybe you will like the book. :)) I will be happy, if you tell me what you thought about the book. Thanx :)) 


Characters  2/5
Writing       3/5
Cover         2/5
Plot            3/5

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