Monday, 19 August 2013

Book Review : Forgotten by Cat Patrick

 Today's review will be about one of my favourite books: Forgotten by Cat Patrick. It is a book about a girl ( London Lane ), who right at 4:33 in the morning forgets the past. I was really intrigued from the beginning, when I first read about the book on Goodreads. I was intrigued first, because I haven't read anything like that before, and I actually wanted to know why there were so many bad reviews about the book on goodreads.
 The book is written from  London's point of view, and the it had me from the first pages. Struggling to be normal, having a "dark memory" hunting her, not able seeing Luke in her future, it all makes London really interesting. I loved London when she tried to change future for Page and especially for Jamie, her best friend. and trying so, she nearly loses her best friend. But while she forgets the past she knows the future, and it is not all that good, sometimes she really hopes to forget that. Because sometimes the future is not what she wants it to be.
 For me the book ended too soon, and I really wanted at least a short story to know what will happen, but maybe some of future which London has told us is really enough... But some of the questions are still open, will the future memory of Luke's death be real? Or will they be able to postpone it or even avoid it? I do hope, but it's a book after all. And while I really wanted a sequel the first time I read it, the next times I read the book, it somehow was whole, but still something was really missing.
  Maybe every book which we read misses the whole conclusion, but I do think that's for the best, because that's how they give us opportunity to think for ourselves, to make the end of the story as we like it to be. The authors give us opportunity to be authors beside them. For me, after reading this book, and many others which I though needed like a little more, I always thought of the little more myself, and maybe that was the best in reading the book, trying to see the author's point, his/her idea of writing it, but still finding something new, something that you think is only yours. something that gives time and space to think like the main character, to analyze his/her moves, and to make the same or different choices, to crytisize, to love, to hate or to just be neutral to it, but still after the book is done, to think what would happen to it, what if they won't make it. and that's the best part I think. Not to forget about the book, after you read it. To still have a little thought about it everytime something reminds you of it.

Hope it was not all bad,


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