Saturday, 24 August 2013

Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie VS Book


 First we had a book which competed with Harry Potter in selling, and we were anticipating the movie. I did, I don't know if you did or not. I had not that big hopes, funny right? I knew that nothing would be as awesome as the book was no, why expecting much, if you can expect not much and be blown?? 

I went to see the movie yesterday, and was blown. first because it was really awesome. Not all but some of the characters lived up to their book characters. Even though Lily Collins was way hotter than Isabel, while Izabel has to be the most gorgeous girl, and in trailers I didn't like Lily playing Clary, I took my words back, when I saw her act. she was perfect to be Clary. Jace, I did see him differently, but Jaime Campbell played him well, really well. And OMG Izzy's wip, that was super awesome. But even though I liked the movie, I was disappointed in some ways, so I will just make a list of them:
  1. Who has read in Cassie's book that Valentine had dark hair?? It was even underlined that he had BLOND HAIR!!!!!!
  2. Izabel, the most gorgeous girl, was not in the movie, I don't understand, how couldn't they find a better Isabel, no offence to the actress.
  3. Alec, seriously??? That was Alec? He was really nothing to look at.
  4. Magnus Bane, where were the BLUE LIGHTS???? when he was healing Alec???
  5. Why did they really destroyed Institute? WTH??? The battle had to be in a ruined factory or something.
  6. I, don't remeber it correctly or didn't Valentine get away with a Mortal Cup??? That was the worst thing in the book.
  7. I was so for Simon going rat. and where was that???? And WTH were doing Alec and Izzy in the hotel Dumort??? 
  8. Where were Bikes working on demon energy? Jace nearly killed himself and Clary with one.
  9. It was Clary who killed the demon at her house, not Jace, that's why he was so interested in her (minus that she could see him)
  10. And the last, it was Simon who used the bow and arrow and made the greater demon ( madam Dorothea) go to his dimension.

Despite this statements, and that nearly the whole hall killed me during the movie, because I and one boy were making comments, like that's not true and so on. But still I enjoyed the movie very much. and am looking forward watching the second one, but in the meantime I will be reading again the series and waiting for May to read the 6th and final book City of Heavenly Fire. 


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