Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Review : Shadows ( Lux # 0.5 ) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Todays's review is about a prequel to Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentout. It is a short story which focuses on Dawson Black and Bethany Williams.

I actually haven't read the book for a really long time, like from last year, it was publshed, i knew about it, but i always believed that aliens weren't my item. As usually I was more reading about vampires, werewolves, nephillim, demi-gods, and others, but definately not aliens. But then my friend recommended me Covenant series by the same author ( I will review those too ) and then as I had nothing to read I just gave it a try, and was angry and happy with myself, I was angry because i haven't started it the moment it was out and happy because now I had already 3 books and a prequel story and the 4th book would be out soon too.
I actually new half of the original first book of the series because of my friend and some of the blurbs and reviews I read and couldn't understand why the book was about Dawson and Bethany ( I seriously thought that Beth had to fall in love with Daemon, my mistake ). But if I ommit that one mistake, the book is just brilliant. First for those who has read the Obsidian and Onyx and only after that Shadows, this story gives you the perfect idea why Daemon was so "stay away from me and my sister" in the beginning. You will definately understand what it was for Daemon to fall in love with Katy. But those two are for next review, today we are discussing Dawson and Beth.
Love from the first sight:

        "Handing over the paper to the teacher, she lifted her slightly sharp chin and gazed across the room.
       Dawson's feet hit the floor with an audible thump.
       Holy crap, she was ... she was beautiful.
       And he knew beautiful...."

All consuming, all conquering love. The characters are described so, that while you read, you really see Dawson and Bethany heading toward the room number 208. You can actually see Dawson's eyes when Beth describes them, and you can feel her frustration, when she can;t find the same green in her colors while painting Dawson. You feel his pain when he can't catch Beth, and you can never forget their last minutes. I actually cried when I was reading the last chapters, first he heals her and just after two-three days, they are killed.
It was so frustrating, so unfair, they just each other back. It was the first time that the book had not a happy ending, and while I was crying all over the book, I actually thought that sometimes the author has to give us unhappy ending, so it will be like real life, and not only book, because nearly every book now has a happy ending, and it is already annoying, but Shadows gave me that real life feeling, that life is really not that fair, and we have to stop looking on it through pink glasses. And maybe sometimes love doesn't conquer all. Love doesn't counquer death, or so in this short novel.

Soon to come other novels in Lux series, don't miss,


Writing:          4/5
Plot:               4/5
Characters:     5/5
Cover:            4/5

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