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Review : Immortals by Ednah Walters ( Runes #2 )

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title: Immortals

Author:  Ednah Walters

Publication Date:  5th August 2013

Publisher: Firetrail Publishing

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Nothing can stop Raine Cooper when she wants something...
Raine finally knows that her gorgeous neighbor, Torin St. James, is a legend straight out of Norse mythology, and that her feelings for him are strong. Torin is crazy about Raine too, breaking the one rule he lives by: Never fall for a mortal. The problem is he no longer remembers her, his memories erased by Norns—Norse destiny deities—to punish her for defying them.

So Raine comes up with a plan...
She will make Torin forget his one rule a second time and fall in love with her all over again. 
But she quickly learns that well-laid plans do not work when dealing with deities and supernatural beings. Desperate, Raine makes choices that could not only tear her and Torin further apart, but lead to the destruction of everything and everyone she loves

My Thoughts:

I loved this one as much as I did the first one even I think. I was so interested how will Raine struggle with Torin's no memories of her, and how will she make him fall in love with her again. I thought I would be disappointed, but no, it was so worth my time and money, and I actually wanted to strangle my mom, who took my tablet away so I couldn't read the book. That seriously killed me. But fortunately I just finished it ( mom's in the shower xD ) and now have time to write the review.

First of all, Raine's dad coming back, Eirik slowly turning evil, Torin being an ass with his memory loss, Andris being a good friend, Cora being an idiot, Lavania being arrogant, and so on made the book so interesting, and so read of the month so far. I loved how Raine tried to seduce Torin, that was a lot of fun. I hated Eirik being a douche again, but, unlike the previous book, here I supported him totally. I like Torin struggling with his whole:  I'm-a-good- faithful-Valkyrie-and-I-am-not-breaking-rules-for-a-mortal attitude. Sorry for such a long word, but that was really it.

I loved Raine, because she is a faithful friend, she would even suspect her boyfriend aka Torin but not Cora, and that's a good  feature, even though it nearly destroyed her and her family, still, it is a feature we all should have. I wanted seriously to slap Torin, when he tells Raine: "after the game I kissed Kicker, then Amber.... but I didn't feel anything, I needed this". Really Torin, way to say that to a girl you just kissed.

And now discussing the villain of this particular book Maniila aka fake Cora, aka Cora who was with us during the whole book. I hated Maniila in the first book, actually I didn't because I didn't get to know her very well, and I still didn't get to know her well in this book too. Only that she is one self-conscious bitch, but that was writen black on white in the book, nothing more. And while every my frind finds it idiotic, but I sometimes sympathise to villains, I know it's stupid sometimes, but I do think that they have much more interesting stories, and they the choices they make to become villains. And here I was disappointed not to have at least a background story why Maliina did all of that, the word Jealousy doesn't cover it all, there had to be something else too, or I am just too into knowing villains better.

I recommend this book to everybody, because it really is easy to read, and interesting, and I actually didn't tell you all secrets, or I hope I didn't. And I am actually already waiting for the third or 2.5 book called Grimnirs. So, Happy Reading! :)) hope you like it, and don't forget to tell me what you think.


Characters   3/5
Writing         4/5 
Cover           2/5
Plot               5/5

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