Thursday, 10 November 2016

[Recap] The Wolf Kiss Chapter 6


Okay, today I’m starting the second recap, and in essence, the whole recap idea came to me due to this story, as one of my readers asked me where she could read the last chapters. Therefore, if you have also been searching for this story, well, rejoice as for the next month and a half, every Thursday I will be posting a new chapter recap. If you have yet to start this story, you can find first 5 chapters on mangafox or any other English website. But let’s start.

The previous chapter was full of staff. Akane fell in love with Yuito, then even though they are “dating” got her heart broken and then Midori kissed her at the end of the chapter. Jeez… the chapter starts with Akane remembering Yuito’s words that he’s dating her because it’s convenient and he’s only looking for revenge. She is cooking when she hears a knock but Midori closes the door and then she hears the sound of the motorcycle. She runs to the door but Midori stops her saying that Yuito come only o return her clothes and he told him to never bother Akane again. Akane is crushed and Midori tells her to forget him.

Next we see Yuito coming to the doctor’s office with a bleeding hand and explains it that he fell down from the bike. Yuito confesses that he’s feeling weird as he wants to see Akane but he just can’t as he’s presence will disturb her. Yuito starts walking away when the doctor shouts: “isn’t this love?” Though we don’t know if Yuito heard it. Next day Midori is walking Akane to school and Akane tells him that he has nothing to fear as Yuito didn’t even come to get her in the morning, when she sees him casually standing next to the school entrance. She starts asking him why, but he stops her telling that it’s normal to be worrying about his girlfriend. Akan is near tears as she knows that the sweet words are lies. At that time Midori jumps in front of her telling Yuito to let her go and he will never acknowledge him as her boyfriend. Yuito just says that it’s Akane who will decide it. Akane stops both of them saying that they should hurry, but Midori gets the last word as he says that her boyfriend doesn’t treasure her and it’s pointless to date him.

Yuito asks what’s wrong with him so Akane gets furious and yells that Midori thinks about others feelings while Yuito doesn’t and runs away.

Akane gets a text message from Midori and then sees that it was only her sending Yuito messages, he never started the conversation. Yuito is looking at Akane who is running to Midori when suddenly he runs away and abducts Akane right in front of Midori

Everyone is shocked as they saw Yuito on the bike driving away with Akane.


Oops, Yuito just killed his rouse of a good boy. See what happens in the next chapter next Thursday! If you have any comments or suggestions please comment below or just email me J

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