Thursday, 17 November 2016

[Recap] The Wolf Kiss Chapter 7

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The chapter starts with Akane’s thoughts that Yuito is like a wolf; fierce and cold, but why is she so drawn to him? Yuito and Akane are driving out of town, though he doesn’t say where they are heading. Akane is happy as she truly loves Yuito. They stop on the beach and Yuito carries her to the garage. Akane starts yelling but Yuito shuts her up with a kiss. Akane breaks the kiss saying that he shouldn’t do that if he doesn’t even like her. Yuito just says that he doesn’t want to let her go. They start quarrelling when Yuito starts yelling that he’s annoyed as she was with another guy and was even smiling. Akane is shocked and says that it was her brother. Yuito then confesses that he can’t think of anything except her, her then asks her if maybe this is what is called love. Akane blushes and starts asking why he is telling it to her, when Yuito makes an adorable face saying that it’s the first time he’s experiencing these feelings. Akane then kisses him. Yuito is shocked but kisses her back.

Next we see Akane saying that she hasn’t showers and that her lingerie is not good. Yuito just shuts her up saying that anything is fine, she just has to be a bit more quite. And well, there are a few pages of them blushing and doing the dead. And Akane’s thoughts that Yuito has become the most important person to her. Next morning Akane wakes up and start making breakfast. Yuito wakes up shouting Akane’s name. Akane tells him that the breakfast is ready, he just hugs her and when Akane asks him if he liked the bento that she made, he just says that his mom never did anything like that and he wanted to treasure both the box and the food. Akane asks him if maybe he likes her. He says no, he doesn’t. Akane is shocked, but Yuito continues saying that like is not enough, he loves her. Once again Akane compares Yuito to a wolf thinking that he’s like a wolf, but if the wolf falls in love it’s forever and that she’s completely trapped in Yuito’s hands.


Awww… they didn’t and even confessed their love, well, Yuito did. Akane still has to say it out loud! Don’t miss the next chapter coming next Thursday!

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