Thursday, 29 September 2016

[Recap] Kiss de Seiyaku Chapter 8

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The chapter starts right where we left last week; that is Takanami confessing to Kotori that he wants to kiss her and Kotori being stunned. p. 3 is full of doki, doki and Takanami coming closer to Kotori, she starts to say something, when he stops and says that it was all a joke, but his feelings are true, and he loves her and would like to go out with her, when Kotori tries to say something he cuts her off saying that she has to think it over, and he’ll call the nurse now.

He walks away leaving Kotori stunned and lost in her thoughts, how to turn him down.

Next, we see her coming down the stairs still lost in her thoughts, when Haruto calls her and asks if she’s already leaving. She confirms and Haruto kisses her shielding it with the notebook. She looks around, but he laughs and answers that no one is watching. She walks away. Still lost in thoughts. As she has been changing her ideas about kisses after kissing Haruto every day.

Next day, her temperature had risen higher then yesterday, and her mum forbids her to go to school, she nearly spills about the kiss but covers it up with a name of a dish. Kotori is lying in bed thinking that Haruto might be worrying about her, when her mother calls out saying she needs to go buy something. Kotori uses this time to go to school because her mark is nearly gone, but there’s a knock on the door to her disappointment it’s Takanami, who brought her the class notes. Kotori starts feeling worse and he comes close when Haruto runs appears and tells him to let Kotori go. Kotori runs up to Haruto, starting to explain, but Haruto sees the disappearing mark on her wrist and kisses her, then tells Takanami that even if he’s o love with Kotori he has to back off as he’s the only one allowed to kiss her. But Takanami grabs Kotori insulting Haruto. They start the whole argument about Kotori’s lips and he feeling. She starts thinking about her feelings toward Haruto but faints, while the guys are arguing.


Don’t you dare change your mind Kotori! Find out what Kotori feels towards Haruto next week!

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