Thursday, 15 September 2016

[Recap] Kiss de Seiyaku Chapter 6

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The chapter starts with our couple continuing the make-out session under the futon. We get 3 pages full of kisses, but then Haruto stops when he hears Kotori’s voice telling him to stop and apologises to her, walks away leaving Kotori with mixed feelings.

Next day Kotori is still flustered and everything is falling from her hands; Haruto tries to help her, but when sees her blushing face walks away telling her that they’ll talk later.

After that we see Kotori not feeling well and a guy helps her out. Kotori thanks him and runs away still thinking about the night’s events. At that moment the previous guy runs after her saying that he is worried and will walk her back. (Did a rival for Haruto appear?). On the way back he introduces himself as Takanami and as they are walking back, he tries to change places with Kotori who’s walking close to the cliff, but when she jumps back startled by an embrace they both fall down. It gets dark and Kotori is worries because the mark can disappear any minute. Haruto appears on top of the cliff and tells Kotori to five him her hand, but Kotori still can’t face him due to yesterday’s events. Haruto jumps down and kisses her. He apologizes for being rash yesterday and explains it saying he wants to embrace her really close. The love birds realise that Takanami is standing there, who says that Haruto has always behaved like that.


Will some blood spill? Don’t miss the next chapter next week!

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