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[Recap] Kiss de Seiyaku Chapter 5

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The chapter starts with Kotori and Haruto kissing and then Haruto saying that the mark in the shape of heart reappeared. He also says that its good that they’re dating as he needs to kiss her every day. Kotori starts mumbling that she wasn’t talking about dating, but Haruto cuts her short saying that it would be nice if she would be the one kissing him more. Kotori pushes him, thinking that even though his feelings are serious, she still can’t get used to his playboy ways. Haruto remembers that they are going on a school trip and even says that it would be nice if they lived in the same room.

Next is shown the school trip. The couple is in different groups and when Kotori is picking the vegetables by herself, Haruto tells her that he’ll help her if she gives him a kiss. She brushes him off, but before he takes the basket from her the girls from Kotori’s group appear and Kotori runs away. Haruto runs after her asking if she can meet him in the evening, but their talk is once again cut short as the teacher announces the start of the trip.

On the next page we are shown the cuts of yesterday, when Haruto tells Kotori that if he kisses her in the evening they’ll have time to kiss the next day.

And we are back to present. It’s evening and Kotori’s mark is very small, so she goes outside her room to find Haruto. He’s the one to find her, and just before he kisses her, the door opens and they hid in Kotori’s room in one futon

Haruto kisses her and when Kotori tells him that the teacher should have left and he should let her go, he answers that it’s impossible, kissing her again more fiercely.


oh, oh, this was one hell of a cliff-hanger, and you’ll find out what happens next Thursday! If you have any recommendations or requests comment or email me!

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