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[Recap] Kiss de Seiyaku Chapter 4

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Hi, everyone! Before I start the recap, let me tell you that this is a new feature in Katie's corner. The idea came to me because one of my readers asked me for a link to another manga: Wolf Kiss, and because i read it on a Russian website and not everyone knows the language, i thought to make the recaps. why not that one first? well, somehow i ended up with this one as the first one. but no worries, i'm working on Wolf Kiss too, so just check back on the blog if you are interested. 

oh, and before i start, if you have any recommendations or requests just email me and if i do find new chapters on the website i will surely make recap on the blog. Also, the recap will be coming out every Thursday. that is to compensate for the lack of time for blog. And i'm sure that the recaps that i have written during summer will be enough until I start posting reviews again. (I have 26 recaps written until today, and am still writing them)

but this is all good, but you're here for the recap so let's start!


The Chapter starts with Kotori feeling bad for letting Kirino-kun (Haruto) kiss her. And she again appears with the mask and even wears glasses to mask her face. But Haruto finds her easily and asks her if the mask is so that he cannot kiss her. Kotori starts talking about the weird feelings and remembers yesterday's kiss, when Haruto pulls her mask and glasses. he tells her that he had fun yesterday and ask Kotori if she feels anything. Kotori mumbles that she doesn't understand those feelings. but she thinks that Haruto did win her heart. on her confession Haruto just tells her that he will not be kissing her anymore.

After this Haruto is once again surrounded by girls while Kotori is thinking about their new situation. Haruto ignores her and Kotori is feelings down. While still in class a random girl walks up to Haruto and asks if he wants to have fun with her. he refuses and walks away saying that he will be kissing only the girl he loves. Kotori blushes and finally understanding her feelings runs after Haruto. Girls are furious, Haruto astonished but Kotori kisses him and says that she thinks she has some kind of feelings for him. on that Haruto picks her up saying he can't think about anyone except Kotori and walks away leaving everyone else shocked. 

Haruto confessed that his plot to make her seek him worked very well. Kotori is a but angry but then she tells him about the curse. Haruto just says that it explains a lot and he's happy that he can kiss her every day, but then remembers that he promised not to kiss her anymore. on that Kotori confesses that the kiss she gave him was totally different. Haruto freezes but then kisses her again saying that he has ti take responsibility. And that every day he will be trying to fight not only for her lips but for her heart too. 

Kotori just screams that he is a playboy, blushing and slapping him. 

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