Thursday, 22 September 2016

[Recap] Kiss de Seiyaku Chapter 7

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The chapter starts with Kotori astonished and Haruto asking the obvious question: Who are you? And why’re you with Kotori? Kotori starts explaining that he’s from their school, when Takanami starts the whole you-should-not-date-such-a-guy-Kuraishi-san talk (Kuraishi is Kotori’s surname). She tries to say something but the teacher finds them.

The school trip is over and we’re back at school. Haruto is as popular as ever, and Kotori is slightly jealous but dismisses this feeling. Haruto corners her and asks if she’s still thinking about Takanami’s words and tells her that he’s only looking at her and kisses her. Kotori is blushing and mumbles that its not the time yet for the kiss but Haruto dismisses it by saying that he’ll kiss her again in the evening.

They start discussing Kotori’s curse and apparently Kotori can kiss only Haruto, if another person kisses her she’ll be cursed for her whole life. Haruto just takes this moment and he kisses her again, but stops asking if she got the flue. Kotori goes to the infirmary, but instead of the nurse find Takanami there. He starts walking away to find the nurse after hearing that Kotori is not feeling well, but Kotori’s thank you stops him. He asks her why she’s with Haruto as they do not date and then reminiscences about Haruto’s past full of flirting with girls. And then he tells her about a legend in his family about how his ancestor was cheated by his fiancé. Kotori is speechless and apologies in her mind for her ancestor, when Takanami says that he will not kiss anyone except the one he wants to marry. Kotori is instantly reminded of her rent past-self and tells Takanami that she wore the mask to protect her lips because of the same ideals and she thought she was the only one. But now she’s happy that someone thinks the same way. Takanami starts advancing on her asking why he hasn’t met her early and that he will love her more than Haruto will, and then dumps the bomb: “if its you, I want to do it, kiss you” Kotori is stunned…


oi, oi, what’s happening here? Will he kiss her or will Kotori push him away? Find out next week!

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