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Manga Review: Alice Academy by Tachibana Higuchi

Title: Alice Academy
Original Title: Gakuen Alice
Author: Tachibana Higuchi
Artist: Tachibana Higuchi

Year of Release: 2003
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural, Tragedy

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 180

Volumes & Chapters: 

31 Volumes in Total


Mikan Sakura grew up with her grandfather on the countryside of Japan. When her best friend, Hotaru, transfers to a prestigious school in Tokyo, Mikan follows her. The school is actually an elite Academy for gifted people with "Alices," an ability that is unique depending on the individual being. Once Mikan arrives to the gates of the school, she encounters an Alice teacher named Narumi, gets enrolled due to a series of events, and is told that she possesses a rare Alice. Despite her initial view of the so-called greatness to the school, Mikan slowly discovers that beneath the grand facade of the Academy, there is a never-ending stream of lies and buried secrets. The school's increasingly manipulative and sinister actions towards her make it a dangerous place to be. Little does Mikan know that her enrollment in Alice Academy set the gears in motion to an even greater tragedy.

My Thoughts

Review covers 180 chapters 

It has been a long time since I set down and read a very long manga. Yup, you’re not mistaken, there are 180 chapters and 31 volumes in total. Ns truth to be told I actually wanted it to continue, but maybe it will, in a spin-off series, I am still dreaming about that, but if t will, I’ll definitely put the notice on the blog.

But let me get back to the story. To say the truth it has been around a week since I started writing this review, and it’s only because there’s a lot that I want to say, but every time I want to normally start writing the idea slips my mind. I know, it’s so frustrating. Therefore, please do not be hard on me if my review today is too out of blue. I loved this story a lot. I was on the verge of dropping it a few times, but nevertheless the story’s intrigue was too high for me to drop it. Why did I want to drop it? Well, the answer is very simple and unfortunately it contains a major spoiler, but I will say it nevertheless. As you know there are 31 volumes and 180 chapters and in 179 of those our characters are still elementary school kids, the time is going very slow in the story. We finally see the 16 year old Mikan and Natsume only in the last chapter. Yes, that was the main reason why I was frustrated with the story. It covers so many problems, but because the solvers are 10-11 year olds it’s a bit unreal. The love that Mikan has to Natsume and he to her is too unreal for 11-yeal-olds. They truly love each other and trust me, from the part when Mikan leaves whom her parents are I was crying. I had to put away my tablet and compose myself to continue reading. The last 2 volumes are something that I believe everyone should focus their attention. Every emotions come bare, every secret, the author just takes a knife and thrusts it into our hearts.

 I remember when I finished this story I couldn’t fall asleep and truth to be told I couldn’t read anything else for several days. All my thoughts were getting back to it. I was getting back and thinking everything over. I believe this is one of the stories that everyone should read. It covers so many human issues that if I start discussing each and every one of them it will take me days maybe even weeks to cover it.

All characters are fantastic and we see a lot of theirs development. Some characters stay as villains, but some do covert to a good side and trust me you want to be there to see it. I can say that all of them have left a deep impact on me. I still can’t agree to the choices that the principals made in the end. Better to say my mind understands, but my heart doesn’t want to acknowledge it. However, the moment when Natsume confessed to Mikan will be I my mind for a long time. I really need to make that list of best ever confessions. I am not a big fan of the whole fate thing, but here I was felt it from the beginning that’s why some moments shattered my heart.

I hope you will start reading this story. It did take me a long time to read, but I was reading it after 12 and that week was full of projects and exam preparations. In my normal days I would have finished it maybe in 2 full days. Are you ready to get to know great characters and also people because of whose ambitions lots of lives were sacrifices and many dreams destroyed. Enjoy this fascinating ride into the world of super powers. Don’t forget to share your thoughts below. Stay tuned for more reviews as well as promos. Don’t miss your next favourite book or manga! Happy reading!




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