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Manga Review: Youth Gone Wild by Nicky Lee

Title: Youth Gone Wild
Original Title: Youth Gone Wild
Author: Nicky Lee
Artist: Nicky Lee

Year of Release: 1997
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mature, Romance Shoujo

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 89

Volumes & Chapters:

14 Volumes in Total


Yating was working in a recording company until she was fired by her boss (a famous movie actress with a spoiled temperament). Discouraged and jobless, Yating decided to work in a pub where a famous group called "Gangster" regularly played. Along the way, she gets to meet this guy who has the most divine voice. Yating's luck then began to change when her uncle decides to retire and set up his own record company. He asks her to join in his ambition to create the most famous rock group in Taiwan. This is the story of how Yating, being the new manager, tried to create the ultimate rock band!

My Thoughts

Review covers 89 chapters 

You all know my love for Nicky Lee's The One. Initially, I've read that story at least 4 times and never cared to read any other of her works. Why? No idea, I just didn't want to read something and then get discouraged with The One. So, how did the story end up as today's feature? it's quite an interesting story. I was on my favourite manga reading website, and so that you know its in Russian. Usually, most of my recaps come from there. Anyway, I was looking for a Josei manga to read when I stumbled upon a sequel of Youth Gone Wild and finally read it! It didn't hurt that at the time I was sick and needed something fun and interesting to read!

But enough with the introduction, let me get back to the story. Are you ready to jump into Taiwan Rock'n Roll? Yes, we are in the music industry; for you to feast upon hot artists; and this time we'll be seeing a lot of backstages. As in the lives of our band members as well as their manager. Yes, our main character aspires to be the best manager. and let's not forget that she does have capabilities, it's just that she's a bit hot headed.

Ready to jump into the lives of Rock'n Roll band members? There's going to be a lot of drama, no drugs, but you'll see the "dark" side of human nature. And to be honest, it's really interesting to watch and read about. Don't you agree? Betray yourself or copy your competitors and do everything just to make them seem worse than you? No, we are not talking about our main characters - The Death, rather about their competitors, whose name I forgot and I'm in no mood to look for it. Don't mind my laziness, I'm turning into a real lazy bum.

Anyway, if you want a great, long shoujo story, this is for you. Oh, but if you're wondering about that mature tag, the main couple are too naive and you mostly get to see how other characters have fun. Also, don't forget about author's unique style with incorporating herself numerous time in the story, making it absolutely hilarious and hard to put down. Enjoy it to your heart's content and don't forget to share your thoughts below! Stay tuned for more reviews as well as promos! Don't miss your next favourite book or manga! Happy reading!




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