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Manga Review: Can't Lose You by Wann

Title: Can't Lose You
Original Title: Can't Lose You
Author: Wann
Artist: Wann

Year of Release: 2006
Genres: Drama, Romance, Shoujo

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 35

Volumes & Chapters:

6 Volumes in Total


In a whirlwind narrative of vanity and conceit, Can't Lose You is the story of two characters who come from opposite worlds but are united by the most unlikely of circumstances: Yooi is a desperate girl working day and night to earn pennies in hopes of one day paying off her father's debts.

Lida comes from privilege and excess, the heiress to an unbelievable fortune and a marriage match she cannot wait to consummate. But when the two girls meet and discover the one thing they have in common is their identical faces their lives take an unexpected turn. As Yooi accepts the irresistible offer of becoming Lida's double, she finds herself in over her head, being chased by assassins and falling head over heels for Lida's fiancé. Meanwhile, Lida is completely unaware of the shocking revelation awaiting her.

My Thoughts

Review covers 35 chapters 

Do you remember that old movie about twins being separated and then switching places? well, that movie might have a number of similarities with today's story. However, unlike the movie, today's story has more depth in it, as there are a lot of things happening and a total happy ending might not be a truly happy ending where everyone lived happily together,

Anyway, let me get back to the story and introduce you the characters. Meet Yooi, a fantastic character that I loved a lot. She is both strong and weak at the same time. The way she copes with whatever is thrown instead of despairing., she continues on with her life though there's a major plot twist coming and you don't really want to want to miss it. How does everything get in motion? Yooi goes to a school where the most popular girl looks just like her. Thus, let's meet Lida out the second character, who I wanted to smack sometimes, but then again I could understand her as she was raised to be the queen. So it's a given that she will get everything she wants. But there's something that just doesn't want to be hers. and with that let me introduce to you our last main character - Gil aka something that that doesn't bend to Lida's charm, but falls in love with the first sight with Yooi, though he mixes them up... yeah long story. However, that's just part of the whirlwind, the trap closes once Lida hires Yooi to impersonate her in order to catch the ones who are after her life!

If you think that plot twists end up there you'll be greatly disappointed. Don't forget it's Wann we are talking about, creator of 100% Perfect Girl. there will be so, me supernatural twists with the aspect of fate that you'll either love or hate. Me? Well, I had a really good laugh, as I both believe and deny the existence of fate. How's that possible? You have me here and no one else... Anyway, if you are looking for a shoujo that is both interesting and compelling and have yet to read this story, I strongly suggest you do! I'll be also covering some other works of Wann on my blog, so check back if you're a fan or want to know more about her! Enjoy it and don't forget to share your thoughts below! Stay tuned for more review as well as promos! Don't miss your next favourite book or manga! Happy reading!




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