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[Recap] Idol x Actor x Megane Boy Chapter 14


I found no English scans for Idol x Actor x Megane boy. Therefore, I’m summarising the chapter from Russian scans. I will be also including some pages that I liked the most.

Iori pushes Shizuku down and starts kissing her, but when he tries to open her Obi (the belt that holds a kimono), she tries to stop him, but it’s in vain.

Shizuku says: Wait, Iori
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Iori: What is it?
Shizuka: it's just...

Iori just continues and then with a straight face asks her what’s wrong. Shizuku blushes and starts mumbling something, when their classmates (all boys) barge into the room. They find blushing Shizuku sitting next to Iori who crawled into a blanket. She tells them she tried to tend to Iori who got injured during the shooting. Shizuku is still talking to the guys, while Iori scolds himself for jumping her in such places, but he’s very happy when he remembers Shizuku’s words about his acting. So, when he understood that their feelings were mutual he couldn’t hold himself anymore.

It’s the last day of the trip and Iori has lots of plans on how to spend it with Shizuku, but she starts ignoring him, giving some random excuse that she wants to see a ninja mascot. One of their classmate has to return to the hotel and Iori gets perfect chance to be alone with Shizuku, but she still ignores him and runs away. Iori is stunned and starts thinking where he went wrong, but then remembers yesterday’s events and gets depressed thinking that now Shizuku hates him.

At this time Shizuku is alone and some fans see her. They start asking her to take pictures with them and then touch her hair, when she struggles, they just ignore her and a Tenchou Mascot (the ninja mascot) appears in front of them. He picks up Shizuku and runs away. Shizuku thanks him and when she takes off the head it’s Iori. She’s startled and asks him why he did it. Iori just tells her that if he didn’t cover his face a scandal would be inevitable. Then he hugs her and asks her if she doesn’t like anything in him she should just say so, and he won’t let go until he knows what she’s feeling. Shizuku turns to stone and Iori starts fussing when she confesses that her heart beats faster when he hugs and kisses her and when he jumps her she doesn’t know what to do. Iori blushes and tells her that he’s very happy as Shizuku is thinking about him, and he’s so happy he can’t convey it in words. He then tries to kiss her, but Shizuku pushes him away telling not to do it. They start walking back when Shizuku blushes and tells Iori that she wants to hug him. They hug and Iori is very happy to feel so close to her even through a simple hug.

The school trip came to an end and Subaru is in the studio when he receives a text from someone: “I’m back.” He’s gloomy. Iori is at school when he receives a text from Shizuku saying she can’t come due to work. He then overhears the girls talking that Kirishima Rei came back after 3 years. Subaru appears at that moment and explain that this Rei guy is an actor like them, he started from the modeling business, but got famous for gaining lots of awards as an actor. Iori is amazed and then Subary drops a bomb that this guy is Shizuku’s first love. At the sae tome Shizuku meets Rei and he kisses her?

Shizuku blushes.

Subaru continues talking: Rei is Shizuku's first love


oh, my hell! Don’t you dare take away Shizuku! Who says? …. Find out what happens next in a week! Also, if you have suggestions, recommendations or just want to chat comment, pm me on facebook, tweet or just email me. I’m always happy to read your emails.

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