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[Recap] Idol x Actor x Megane boy Chapter 15

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I found no English scans for Idol x Actor x Megane boy. So I thought of recapping each chapter from Russian scans. I also include my favourite scenes (usually kisses or strange developments). Enjoy!

Rei smiles to Shizuku after a kiss an nonchallentrly tells he that they haven’t seen each other in a while. Shizuku is furious and blushes while holding her cheek. Rei apologizes and explains that he got used to kissing on the cheek as a greeting abroad. Shizuku is still blushing and tells him that he changed a lot in the 3 years she hasn’t seen him. He also says that Shizuku changes as she became a real beauty.
Rei: You've become a total beauty
Shizuka: Welcome back, Rei

Iori is back but he’s lost in thought that Shizuku a total carear woman had a person of admiration. He wonders what kind of guy Rei is when he sees laughing Shizuku. She sees him and tries to introduce Rei to him, when Iori cuts he off saying Rei’s full name. Shizuku is shocked and asks if he knows his face, Iori agrees, but in his thought he only thinks that Shizuku is too happy and if it’s because Rei was her first love. Rei brings Ipri back to reality by remembering Iori’s personal life; saying that he’s okay, after a big gap debuting in a film. Iori thanks him, but quickly adds that he has a lot to learn and praises Rei for owning lots of awards, but then says that he wants to protect Shizuku. Rei just smiles.

Iori: Bur i want to Protect Shizuku
Shizuku: Hee? Iori?
Rei: That's how it is? It's getting more and more interesting

Shizuku is alone with Iori and tells him that she was invited as a model to the event dedicated to Rei. She’s really happy and Iori gets a bit angry and tells he that she’s overestimating the event. Shizuku just stands on her own and even tells Iori that it was Rei’s playing that made her want to become an actress, and she’s really happy to work with a person she has admired for so long. She then asks Iori to come and watch he on Saturday, she keeps talking, so Iori shuts her up with a kiss
Iori: I don't want to hear how you are talking about your first love

And then tells her that he doesn’t want to hear her talk about her first love. He then makes an adorably sulky face
Iori: I have to do some thing on the weekend, I can't come

And tells her that he can’t come because of some stuff. Shizuku is stunned and calls to him. Iori walks away, but then falls into the despair thinking he was too feisty.

Rei appears on the catwalk and is as cool as ever. Shizuku is very nervous backstage. The assistant calls for next pair. It’s Shizuku’s turn, she looses her umbrella when a guy picks it up and gives it back. She thanks him, but then turns to stone because it’s Iori. They go together, but Shizuku is still confused as to why Iori is next to her when Iori goes on one knee before her.

And tells her that today he’s here to give her a present. He slides a ring on her ring finger
Iori: I'm here today, to give you a present

And then congratulates her on her birthday. Shizuku is stunned. Iori just smiles thinking that she forgot her birthday and the explains that he asked the other model to switch with him, but then teases her that he did it all in vain if she forgot her own birthday. But then once again tells her that he loves her too much and he wanted to convey those feelings. Shizuku thanks him and then tells him that he has mistake something as her first love is him
Shizuku: Iori my first love .... is you

And that Rei is like an older brother for her. Iori smiles and scolds himself for being an idiot and that his feelings for Shizuku are overflowing. The audience brings them back to reality asking Shizuku to look at them. Shizuku smiles and waves. So Iori kisses her on the check thinking that before she enthralled everyone she should become his and his alone.


oh, my… that was another cute chapter I can’t stop loving Iori more and more. But o have a bad feeling about Rei. Find out what happens next on the blog, when? Not sure…
Also, if you have any suggestions or recommendations don’t hesitate to contact me in any way! I’m always happy to hear from you!

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