Saturday, 21 January 2017

Just Another Random Post #5: Saturday After Exams 101

Hi there!

Have you been missing me? I absolutely did. I know I'm a total clutz for missing to write Christmas and New Year's posts. Forgive me? *pleads with puppy-dog eyes....

Anyway, as you have guessed from the title, I am finally done with my finals, and I have around one week to get myself together to start my final semester as a bachelor student. Yahoo!!!! No, I'm not talking about the website here....

Well, ideally, when this idea came my head it had a fantastic outline, but now I can't seem to find it. Thus, let's be as random as possible!

Let's start with yesterday, to outline some of the things I did.

  1. Woke up @ 7 am
  2. ate my breakfast
  3. wrote the first exam @ 8:30 am it was Financial Management if you are wondering
  4. went back home
  5. started to study for another one
  6. got fed up with the worst text-book ever
  7. finally went to write the second exam @ 6:30 pm
  8. let's omit some staff, and jump to the one thing I had done before I went to bed.
  9. Did a 16-17 minute Yoga before bedtime session!
Yes, the last part is what I want to focus on. But let me jump to today. It's not even 2 pm yet, I have done quite a lot. First of all, you'll think that because I was tired after all those exams, I wouldn't have gotten out of bed before 12, ideally, that could have been true, but I am trying to stick to my new year's resolutions! Chips and candies have no place at my home, and I'm aiming to start doing workout every day, even if it's a short one! Thus comes today's not complete schedule!

  1. woke up @ 9 am
  2. did the morning cleaning rituals :D 
  3. did a 17-20 minute morning yoga session, yup, all my joint were reawaken, and I was feeling a boost to keep me going. 
  4. ate my breakfast.
  5. as I had around 30-40 minutes before Body Combat session in the gym, instead of watching a TV-show, I diligently put on my favourite collection of Bleach Soundtrack, you can find the video below, and completed one of my freelance jobs!
  6. Was right on time to a session of Body Combat, and the instructor who hasn't seen me in weeks, was having fun, because once again she was introducing a new routine, meaning I was bound to die... But I survived, barely let's say. 
  7. I am finally home, writing this post. 
  8. My lunch will be in an hour, and once again in stead of putting on a TV show, I will start writing those articles I need to do for my Internship. I have totally neglected it because of exams, but my boss gave his agreement. 
Thus, I will be finishing up soon, but before I do, Let me tell you that I am a beginner at yoga, so, I would need someone to follow! It's true you can find tons of videos on Youtube, and I did. However, I use the app called Fitstar: Yoga that syncs perfectly with my Fitbit and Apple health. The sessions are tailored, for me, and the instructor is great. I also use another app from the same company it's Fitstar: Personal Trainer. That one is simply fabulous! I would recommend it to anyone, as I know it's tiresome to think of the routine or actually following it, however, here, everything is timed, you get tips, and you really think that the instructor is right beside you not in your phone or laptop. 

If you got interested, you could find all the information on this website. If you already are in the community let's connect and encourage each other! 

Oh, I nearly forgot, here' the one of the best mixed of Bleach OST:

Anyway, I'll be off, to write those articles and then have my lunch! 



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