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[Recap] Love, Kiss, Body, Chapter 8

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The chapter starts with Maki making fan of Sasa and when he classmates see them he takes her away. He apologizes for acting so cold towards her before the trip, when he turns around he sees crying Sasa. She then explains that she thought when he didn’t hold her hand it meant he hated her and was going to break up with her. Maki then tells her that holding hands as well as kisses give him unambiguous urges. He then tries to explain by asking he to imagine that she’s famished and in front of her there’s the most delicious dish ever, but she’s allowed to eat only small bites. What would she do? If it was him he would have eaten everything without leaving a crumb. 

He then tries to kiss her, but she cries out and Maki tells her that when he tries to touch her she always trembles and acts nervously, that’s why he can’t come any closer; until her dad doesn’t acknowledge them and tells him that he trusts him. He’ll be restraining himself. At his words Sasa on the contrary tells him that she wants to hug him, kiss him and get rid of herself that is afraid of touches.

Maki changes the subject by telling her that if he has kidnapped her they should have their Okinawian date. He asks where she would like to go. Sasa says the beach, but then remembers that she doesn’t have a swimsuit. They buy a swimsuit but as soon as Maki sees her in it he puts a jacket on her telling that she looks too cute. She asks if he’s jealous, but Maki disregards her saying that he doesn’t understand girls who walk half-naked. He is flocked by girls immediately, and Sasa is jealous, she immediately hugs him and tells him to go saying his first name. Sasa is furious, but Maki stops her and asks her if she just called him “Maki”, she blushes, but he just says that he’s really happy and if he’ll make her say his name again. He just teases her and Sasa kisses him on the check and runs away. Maki blushes and asks himself is she’s the one teasing him. 

They spend a nice day on the beach and Sasa hopes that the time should stop, but it doesn’t and Maki is boarding the plane. Sasa asks if he should really get back, Maki tells her that he should really go as he has the ticket and he already missed two school days and once they both return to Tokyo he will talk to her dad and get his approval. Sasa also tells him that she will also talk to her dad and she’ll kiss him then. At that Maki kisses her through his ticket saying that it’s for moral support.


Yay! They’re finally back together! I'll be taking a 4 week break, due to exams, but don't worry after 2 weeks I'll be having a 2 week intermission with Idol x Actor x Megane Boy's (Ano ko no toriko) 14, 15 Chapters

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