Review Policy/Contact Me

I accept e-Books (any version) and physical copies of books for review from publishers and authors (even self-published ones).

Genres of books I accept only :

  • YA Books  (All sub-genres included)
  • Paranormal Romance Books
  • Fantasy Books
  • New Adult
  • New Classic with a hint of Paranormal

Currently, I AM NOT ACCEPTING books!

I will look through the emails, however, I can post the reviews only  after the spring 2017. I already have quite a number of books which I want to read, and can't make my to-read pile even bigger. :( 

Thank you for understanding

P.S. please check My Blog Schedule to know how I post my reviews

My Reviews :

In my reviews, I include the following :

  • Summary from Goodreads
  • Personal Thoughts : I am very honest when it comes to reviewing books, I read the books completely and give an honest review. Whether I liked the book or not, I usually fond all the positive points I can. I try to write about content of the book and discuss the characters and not insult/bash authors. Usually, Personal Thoughts follow below format:
  • Pre-reading thoughts, expectations, etc...
  • Short summary in my own words
  • Character description (main, secondary)
  •  Thoughts on romance, writing, plot.
  • Overall thoughts

  • Rating :  In the end of the review is given an overall rating in Leaves (stars) for more information, please check my Rating System.

Other :

I also willingly participate in blog tours, giveaways, author interviews, guest posts and book promotions. Please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Please, include the following in your review request:

  • Summary along with the cover of the book
  • Genre of the book
  • Link to Goodreads or Amazon page

Contact : 

If you are interested in having your book reviewed on my blog, my Goodreads and Amazon, please do not hesitate to contact me at 

info.katiescorner (at) gmail (dot) com

I generally respond to emails in less than a week.

Please, note that in you do not hear from me within 2 weeks of the request being sent, it's most likely because I am not accepting your request. Due to time constraints, I will only reply to review requests I accept.
Thank you 

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