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KC Book Promotions is a new feature here on Katie’s Corner that is solely dedicated to promoting Indie and Traditionally published titles, whether in Young Adult, New Adult, Fantasy, drama, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal, etc. I’ll do my VERY BEST to get awareness for your release, using the following services.

What do I do?
Recommend your book on Goodreads
Tweet Daily
Advertise on Facebook
Send email announcements to Tour Hosts [Bloggers]

Your novel has the possibility of gaining awareness and you, the author, could also expand your audience, especially if you’re active on Social Media. 

You don’t have to do much for the tour. Your contribution rests on answering interview questions and providing guest posts and experts if you agreed to those, and promote to your followers if you want to. Otherwise, relax. I’ll get your event up and going, without putting any stress on you. 

Please note, Blog tours do not guarantee an increase in book sales.
Sometimes it is effective in this way for some, there’s no promise it will be successful for all. i can only promise to do my best in helping to make a buzz about your release. 

The books I’ll accept for tours are:

Young Adult - contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, etc.
New Adult - contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, etc.

No borderline erotic or books with extreme mature content will be accepted for review tours. I will only to promos for those themes, though if the blogger will want to review them, I have no objections

If you would like to book any of my services send an email to:

info.katiescorner (at) gmail (dot) com

Cover Reveal 

- Email me the cover art of your novel (front & back or front alone) and I’ll organise a one day event with as many participants as possible. 
- You can add a giveaway with the cover reveal if you wish :) 
- This can be booked at least two weeks in advance
 $20 for an unlimited amount of participants. 

Book Blitz / Release Day Blitz

- Schedule a one week promo tour where you share the book’s description along with an expert and a giveaway of your choice. 
- Author can also provide other promotional goodies for this tour. 
- This can be booked at least 3 weeks in advance
$30 for one day or one week, as many stops as possible. 

Review Tour 

- This is a smaller tour with reviews only or Interviews and guest posts, which are optional. 
- These MUST be booked at least 3 months in advance
$40 for one week, 5-10 stops (often times you get more, depending on the interest level of your book)

* $5 of price goes toward extended advertising on Facebook

Blog Tour + Giveaway

- Up to 5 interview and 4 guest posts, or as many as you’d like.
- Not only reviews, but spotlight posts which include excerpts, promo images, etc.
- Giveaway
- These MUST be booked at least 3 months in advance
$50 for 2 weeks 10-14 stops, often more depending on the interest level of your book

$10 of the price goes towards extended advertising on Facebook

Please keep in mind that there isn’t a guarantee that everyone who reviews your book on the tour will enjoy it. I ask the of a reviewer doesn’t like the book and is giving it less that 3 stars, then he/she should not posts the review. 

All promotional banners are designed by me so do not worry about creating anything to send it. 

All payments accepted via PayPal

*For blog tours, payment is required when you reach at least 10 participants (no matter the kind of stop: interview, guest posts, reviews, spotlights)

*For reviews only tour, payment is required when you reach at least 5 participants.

For cover reveal and blitz payment is required at booking. 
Please book tours at least 3 months in advance.

All other events can be booked at least one month in advance

I am currently scheduling for July 1st onward

If you would like to book any of the above services send me an email : 

info.katiescorner (at) gmail (dot) com


"I contacted Katie about the cover and trailer reveal for my mini anthology Night Journeys, and her level of support was outstanding. She honestly went above and beyond to help me spread the word, and I couldn't be happier to have her help. I would highly recommend her!"

E. C. Hibbs, "Night Journeys Anthology"

"I want to personally thank you KC Book Promotions for the fantastic work you did for my book The Withering during its release. The Withering moved onto Amazon's Bestseller list after it was published and I'm sure your promotions helped. I am looking forward to future projects with your great service."

~ Oliver Phipps,  "The Withering"

"Katie was very professional and got amazing coverage for my cover reveal. Will definitely her services again."

 Amari A, "Twins Royale"

"I was very fortunate to have come across "Katie's Corner". this literary blog site is very informative, visually stimulating and just plain fun to surf! Katie has done a magnificent job promoting indie authors of various genres and her reviews are painfully honest, yet witty and lighthearted all at once giving the reader a refreshingly progressive take on a very old endeavour. She also presents wordsmiths with a promotional opportunity via online book tours. Katie Topchishvili has scored huge with Katie's Corner and we as indie authors are all better off in our career aspirations because of her and her fellow book bloggers throughout cyberspace. #KATIERULES 

~ Darrell King The "King Of Southern Street Literature", "3 Tymes Dirty"

"I greatly enjoyed working with Katie Topchishvili, she did a wonderful job for me for my book tour.
She was friendly and professional, and the people who did my interview and review where fantastic, they all got 5 stars from me. 
I recommend her to anyone in need of great promoter for their book, you can see for yourself here."

~ Cassandra Stangle, "The Wings of Darkness and Flame"

"Katie was great! I felt she did her best to answer all of my questions, and I had a great deal of them. I would definitely order her services again. She over delivers!!"

~ Izzy Church, "Angry Movie Guy"

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