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Book Review: The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title: The Thorn Birds

Author: Colleen McCullough

Publication Date: 23 May 1997


Powered by the dreams and struggles of three generations, The Thorn Birds is the epic saga of a family rooted in the Australian sheep country. At the story's heart is the love of Meggie Cleary, who can never possess the man she desperately adores, and Ralph de Bricassart, who rises from parish priest to the inner circles of the Vatican...but whose passion for Meggie will follow him all the days of his life. 

My Thoughts:

Well, first of all, you might be shocked, as usually, I do not review classics. HEre's the thing, if I hadn't read this book, I'm pretty sure my grandma would have disowned me, but then again I have a serious list of Russian classics that if I don;t read it will truly be my downfall. But let's get back to how this book got featured on my paranormal and manga loving blog. It was August 2016. I was sleeping on average 5 hours a day and was so tired. I told everyone that the upcoming weekend would be full of me sleeping. Truly I wanted to read some manga, but then I got so fed up with it and all my books that I needed fresh air. That's when I was offered to finally read " the thorn birds", I immediately downloaded it into my e-reader and Saturday and half of Sunday was spent reading it. I'm pretty sure my grandma was astonished when on Saturday evening I told her I'm close to finishing it ... *grins...

Frist of all, I haven't cried so much after I have read Unearthly series., ut then once a tear fell from my eyes I couldn't stop. This is truly a fantastic work of art, and I'm really pissed at myself for not reading it earlier, but then again, I believe everything has its time. This is one of the most realistic as well as tragic books I have recently read. It is full of real people as well as raw feelings that even if you don't have a heart will move it. I have yet to see the movie, but I believe I won't, as for me the book as already given me enough. I do not want to be disappointed or see somebody else Maggie or Ralph, I can only see the ones that my mind has conjured for me.

this is one of those books that cover a lot of period of time. we can see how characters grow up, how they become people and what choices they make, but more importantly how those choices affect their future or present. let me introduce you the charcter, who is the most tragic one and who I loved dearly - Maggie Cleary, if we could say it the protagonist of this book. there are many protagonists, but I believe the most important and most told about is Maggie. we get to know her at the age of 4, and we follow her until she's an old woman. but why do I believe that she's the most tragic character there? once word - LOVE. her love story, if w could call it that is truly a tragic one. she was never loved by her mother, the only person who cared for her, her older brother Frank will leave her, her dad will also leave her, ad the man who she has loved from the age of 9 abandoned her for God. her close his priesthood over her.

I remember Maggie's words that she has stolen something from Ralf as well as God, and now he's taking it back as retribution. I was crying like a small kid when Ralf finally realised his feelings, but then again I knew that he would never choose Maggie and she knew that too. Even now though I'm writing this so-called review, I'm crying. And I want to raise a question. Would you have been able to d what Maggie dd? No matter how many times I ask myself, I don't know the answer, but then again I've never loved how she loved. Would you be able to go against God to get a piece of the once you loved the most in the world? I truly don't know, but I do know that I was supporting Maggie in everything that she was doing.

I would have liked to talk more, but I believe I would make this review uninteresting or maybe too many spoilers will arise, and I truly wish that anyone who would like to start this book would read it and enjoy it to their heart's content. it is the story of life, a life so like ours but so different in some ways... 

My Rating:

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