Saturday, 9 July 2016

Mini Manga Review: Ghost Production by Tooko Miyagi

Title: Ghost Production 
Original Title: Seirei Produce
Author: Tooko Miyagi
Artist: Tooko Miyagi

Year of Release: Nov 24, 2009 - Jan 24, 2012
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, School Life, Supernatural

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 10

Volumes & Chapters: 

2 Volumes in Total


Shiina Momose doesn't believe in fortune telling and the occult, but for some reason, she can destroy anything with a touch. One day while on her way to school, a young man approaches her and claims to be a God. Furthermore, he believes that he was guided towards her and for that reason he has become convinced that she should become his first follower! Naturally, Momose refuses; but when strange things began to happen... she can not do something about it!

My Thoughts

Review covers ten chapters 

Are you ready for a very weird but very cute story? To tell the truth, it has been residing in my IPad for a long time. I remember at that point I wanted to read a completed romance series, and preferably something new. So, I found it, but the I do not know what happened, I just forgot about it.

But during my off-blogging period, I had tons of time to read whatever I wanted. Actually I did not, but forget that. So, what is so fantastic about this short story? First things first it’s the drawing style. And I want to thank the scanlating group that did them. As the quality is superb and it made me enjoy reading even if I got lost in the plot some times.

I wouldn’t call it romance – romance story, though there is some superb love confession at the end, the story is ore self-discovery. Meet the forgotten god who wants to become a god. I know it’s confusing, but his character was just too fun. The way he demanded stuff and took whatever he deemed right to take was just too much. And I didn’t quite get it when he fell in love.

Are you ready for a romance between a god and a very special human? You should be, it’s a really great story and in some parts it reminded me of Noragami, but check for yourself and get back to me with your thoughts. Happy reading!




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