Thursday, 14 July 2016

Cover Reveal: Twelve and a Half Hearts by Ian Cahill

Check out the Cover Reveal for Ian Cahill's 
Twelve and a Half Hearts

Title: Twelve and a Half Hearts

Author: Ian Cahill

Release Date: 6 September 2016

Pre-Order: Amazon 

~ Summary ~

Sue Anderson is a bright young valedictorian, well on her way to achieving a dream of becoming a news anchor. When her fast track to success is derailed by the revelation she has heart disease, everything is put on hold and she is forced to leave school and return home. Sue, hell-bent on not giving up on her career, makes the difficult choice of shutting off her love life and fighting the disease alone. She won’t allow someone else to feel the massive grief and anguish of loving the someone they love. 

Told through the eyes of twelve characters who help to define who she is along the way, Sue moves through her twenties and thirties, pushing her heart to the limit with friends, jobs, roommates, hospital stays, tattoos and a memorable one-night-stand. Ultimately, she discovers life is about more than just surviving. And maybe the love she so earnestly rejects can’t be held at bay, even under the most unfortunate of circumstances. 

~ About the Author ~

Ian Cahill is an author and speaker currently living in the Midwest, where he makes his home near Kansas City with his beautiful wife and two daughters. He writes self-proclaimed “slice of life” fiction as well as exploring a variety of genres from sci-fi to romance. You can find him enjoying the simple pleasures of life: reading, writing, baseball and libations.

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