Saturday, 18 June 2016

We're moving to a new email address!

Hello, everyone!

As you have guessed by now, (I should have seriously made this post earlier, but this idea came to me recently, so I am just combining everything today)

Okay, so, first of all, I'm taking a break from my break, meaning Katie's Corner is back to nearly full power during summer holidays. And while I was on it, and getting the emails from authors, I finally understood that my email was too loaded with everything. That's why I thought that it was time to move to a different email account, so I could skim the traffic a bit. This way I hope I won't be able to miss any of the emails and well, everything is going to be much more organized.

So, now, if you check the blog, you'll only see the new email: info.katiescorner (at) gmail (dot) com 
Another thing that you should know as I have mentioned, my break of the break will be only during the summer period, and once September hits I will stop blogging for a short while until I graduate and will have time to return to my blog. But don't despair, those who love my blog (do such people even exist? *laughs), when summer 2017 hits, Katie's Corner and KC Book Promotions will return with more features maybe even some new stuff! 

And for those who would like to know about the new schedule of the blog, and that schedule will even hold for when I come back in Summer 2017. 

Monday - Manga Review
Wednesday - WOW (not every week... sorry)
Friday - Book Review
Saturday - Mini Manga Review (not every week... like usual)
Sunday - Book Haul & Blog Weekly (not every week... sorry)

Have fun reading books, mangas and of course my blog!



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