Friday, 10 June 2016

Book Review: Bitter Harvest by Oliver Phipps

Title: Bitter Harvest

Author: Oliver Phipps

Publication Date: 29 February 2016

Publisher: Gray Door

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The year is 1825, and a small Native American village has lost many of its people and bravest warriors to a pack of Lofa; huge beasts humanoid in shape but covered with fur. The creatures are taller than any normal man, and fiercer than even the wildest animal. 

Rather than leave the land of their ancestors, the tribe chooses to stay and fight the beasts. But they're losing the war, and perhaps more critically, they're almost without hope. 

The small community grasps for anything to help them survive. There is a warrior on the frontier known as Orenda. He's already legendary across the west for his bravery and honor.

Onsi, a young villager, sets out on a journey to find the warrior. 

Orenda will be forced to choose between almost certain death, not just for himself, but also his warrior wife Nazshoni and her brother Kanuna, or a dishonorable refusal that would mean annihilation for the entire village. 

The crucial decision is only the beginning, and Orenda will soon face the greatest test of his life; the challenge that could turn out to be too much even for a warrior of legend.

My Thoughts:

I remember I got my very first book by Oliver Phipps around a year ago. It was “A Tempest Soul” and after reading the first 2 chapters I knew that the author would become one of my favourites. I have read nearly all books by him and am always excited when he publishers new books. When I received the news that Bitter Harvest was out, I forgot anything that I was doing and started it right away.

Oliver Phipps never disappoints, he tries new genres, but his fantastic way of telling the story, keeping the tension on maximum and making us turn the pages very fast to know what is going to happen next is ever present. The story throws us into 1800s native Indian village. We get to know how hey lived and the dangers they faced.
As a mythology and native legends junkie, this story was a fresh view on native legends and trust me I was hooked as soon as I read the words “demon” and “Lofa”. However, do not forget that we are talking about Oliver Phipps here, and we will not be just seeing a supernatural story. You’ll get to see what it means to be a warrior. We are shown on the example of Onsi, that sometimes a person needs to be a warrior, sometimes a leader, and maybe sometimes even a follower.

This story is less than 100 pages, however, it holds much more for such a short story. I hope everyone will read it as it shows a different view on many aspects and the realism of fights is something that will make even a total action junkie impressed. Enjoy it to your fullest and don't forget to share your thoughts below! Stay tuned for more reviews as well as promos. Don't miss you next favourite book or manga! Happy reading!



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