Monday, 30 November 2015

Monthly Blog Recap : November


How is it going? Are you ready to embark winter, or is it already winter where you are? Here in Cyprus, it's still remnants of summer though right now in my city it's raining, and it's getting colder each day, so hopefully the winter will come to my home too, though I am too lazy to switch on the heater so I don't really want it to be honest. 

The month was full of studying, reading and writing. And last few days especially. I actually read about 4 books in 2 days, and had to write 6 reviews, so it's going to be a busy month in December with lots of manga and book reviews for you to feast on. 

I also have a project in my head, however, if it does go live that's a different story. It's quite time-consuming, and needs a lot of attention in the beginning, so I might put it in the summer when I hopefully will have more time to spend blogging. 

I just looked through my blog and saw, that even though I was going to put the blog on Hiatus with my studies and everything, with my scheduling nearly all posts it's going pretty well. There are less posts from KC Book Promotions, and promo posts, but I will try to get more for you while I have time to spare. 

Only 24 more days until Christmas, and I am quite ecstatic, as we will be spending the holiday in another city and I'll have time to explore it fully and take lots of pictures! 

Tell me what are your plans, and if you would like me to review on of your favourite book or the book you are interested in! 


And now our blog recap:

Book reviews:

4 Leaves

4.5 Leaves

3.5 Leaves

Manga Reviews:

Release Day Blitz:


Book Blitz:


Cover Reveal: 


Blog Tour: 

4 Leaves

Waiting on Wednesday: 


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