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Manga Review: Cute Boyfriend by Go Ikeyamada

Title: Cute Boyfriend 
Original Title: Moe Kare!!
Author: Go Ikeyamada
Artist: Go Ikeyamada 

Year of Release: 2004
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Status: Completed 
Chapters (Translated in English): 34.5

Volumes & Chapters: 7 Voumes

Volume 1 Chapters 1-5               Volume 4 Chapters 16-20.5                     Volume 7 Chapters 31-34.5
Volume 2 Chapters 6-10.5          Volume 5 Chapters 21-25
Volume 3 Chapters 11-15.5        Volume 6 Chapters 26-30


Wakamiya Hikaru is a 15 year old teenager who read Shoujo mangas all the time. She wants a boyfriend that'll protect her and be her prince, just like in the mangas. One day... she gets into a tough situation and she was saved by a handsome boy. In return for saving her, she gets kissed by the boy who she calls the "Perverted Prince." Later on, she finds a guy who looks exactly like him, but has different eyes? What's going on?

At last, who will she choose to be with? The "Perverted Prince" or the other guy that looks just like him but different colored eyes...? There is a love triangle going on...!

My Thoughts

Review covers 34.5 chapters 

Hi, guys and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! I was looking through my manga reviews and saw that apparently I haven't yet posted only one story by Go Ikeyamada - Get Love. And that's one of my favourite manga-kas. I know I have quite a lot of those, but technically she's on par with Chiba Kozue, Kanan Minami and Mayu Shinjo. I love her stories and I love her art. She's one of those who masterfully delivers love stories with a lot of humor. And very soon I will be reviewing her other works though the ones that are left haven't been finished either serialization or translation. So be patient and wait for those. 

But let me get back to the story. Is it a fantastic love triangle story that I have read more than 5 times. I mean it, anytime I have a bad day or just want to have fun, this is one of the first mangas that I open up. It masterfully combines romance, shoujo, comedy and smut. Yes, you are not mistaken there is 18+ material here, but it's put on such a cute level that you can't not just say: "Ah, this is just perfect!" As I have already mentioned this is a love triangle, and you'll be having lots of fun to know how it works. It's a two boys one girl romance, and the worst part is that the boys are half brothers and look totally alike. Opps... I just made a major spoiler, but well, it's going to be revealed until the fist volume ends. So no worries here. 

Well, let me cut it short, as I am making a total blunder here, not even knowing what am I saying. I love this story for a lot of reasons. It's very funny but at the same time it gives us many life situations that might happen to any one of us. All characters are very complex, and you just fall in love with all of them. Which one is going to be your favourite: Arata or Takara? The pervert prince or the real prince? I was frustrated with the perfect prince and his choices and I just wanted to kill him. Yes, it was one of those times when I really wanted to kill a fictional character. 

I loved Arata a lot, and I believe he did deserve to Hikaru, as he worked his ass off to make his love happen. But let me end it here, as I do not really want to spoil everything. It's up to you to start reading this fantastic work! Enjoy it to its fullest and don't forget to share your thoughts below! Stay tuned for more reviews as well as promos. Don't miss your next favourie book or manga. Happy reading!




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