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Book Review : Wind And Shadow by Tori L. Ridgewood (Talbot Trilogy #1)

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title:  Wind And Shadow 

Author:  Tori L. Ridgewood

Publication Date:  June 2013

Publisher:  Melange Books


 Rayvin Woods, photographer and natural witch. She just wanted to start her life over again after a series of misadventures. She didn't count on rekindling a lost love when she came home to Talbot...or battling a malevolent vampire and his coven for her life.

Grant Michaels, police officer. He thought Rayvin was a murderer. He will do whatever it takes to protect the community he loves from danger...but will he learn to trust his heart, and the word of a witch, before it's too late?

Malcolm de Sade, cunning vampire, imprisoned underground for a year by Charlotte Fanning and Pike Mahonen ("Mist and Midnight", Midnight Thirsts). His accidental release unleashes his hunger and ambition on a small, sleepy town…


Facing the past can be a nightmare. It's worse when a vampire is stalking you.

My Thoughts:

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Good old paranormal. I have actually missed this kind of books and was really delighted while reading this one. it gives us some interesting characters and a plot to think about. And the cliffhanger, which I seriously hated, because the next book is coming out I don’t know when. So I am left sulking. This book has everything a person needs in a book: action, a good mystery and some amazing chemistry between two main characters. Oh I forgot, an amazing villain.

The book follows Rayvin Woods back to her home town and through her adjusting time there. Rayvin has a secret – she is a witch. She left Talbot, because she was different and because she was accused of murder, but now she has nowhere else to go, except to return home. But will she be able to live in Talbot, or will the past be still in a way of her future? While driving to Talbot she meets her high school crush – Grant Michaels. The sparks fly and attraction is even more intense between them than it was back in high school. But Grant is still on the side of community and is still under prejudices, will he be able to choose between his “best friend” and a woman he has been lusting after for more than 15 years? But nothing is simple in town like Talbot. As soon as Rayvin crosses the welcome like of Talbot, the vampire is released from its tomb and he’s not one of those who will lay low. He has his own agenda, and he wants only one thing – revenge and a woman he wants to be mother of his children. First animals are murdered, and then people disappear. And everybody blames Rayvin for it. Now she has to seek Grant’s help to stop the vampire to wreak more chaos, but first will be believe her?

I liked Rayvin the most, I think she was one of the best characters in the book. I can agree with all choices she has made. I liked how the author described the prejudiced community. How everybody was judging Rayvin for what was an accident and not even her fault. In the beginning I really wasn’t a fan of Grant. He was living in the past and wasn’t seeing farther than his nose. He just was accustomed living with Ray being guilty and he didn’t want to change his mind at first. I liked how Tori described his changes, how from a narrow-minded person he became more open-minded and saw the truth and accepted ray for what she really was – an amazing person. Another great and intriguing character was de Sade – the vampire, we don’t get to read about him much, but he definitely gives a book a good twist and an amazing mystery to solve.

The only characters I was confused about where Charlotte and Pike, somehow there’s not much told about them and that leaves a good chunk of mystery to unravel in the next books. This book is a interesting view on 3 species: humans, witches and vampires. And it is a really good read. You get sucked into the whole suspense and mystery from the first page and it holds you to it throughout the whole book. I am waiting for next books and finding time to read a short prequel about Charlotte and Pike. I hope you will consider reading it, and will have great time while you are at it. I wish you happy reading, and don’t forget to share your thoughts.



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