Sunday, 13 September 2015

Mini Book Review : Spellbinder by C.C. Hunter (Shadow Falls: After Dark #2.5)

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title: Spellbinder

Author: C. C. Hunter

Publication Date: 30 June 2015

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin


When magic, romance, and family secrets collide, the result is spellbinding!

Miranda Kane has always felt like a screw-up–at least when it comes to her ability to wield magic. Her only sanctuary is Shadow Falls camp, where she’s learning to harness her powers as a witch. But thanks to her shapeshifter boyfriend who called it quits and ran off to Paris, both her heart and powers feel broken.

When she unexpectedly lands a top spot in a spell casting competition in France, she flies out with her best friends Kylie and Della. But her trip takes her straight into the heart of a dangerous supernatural mystery–and a heated romance. What Miranda doesn’t expect is for her investigation to unleash shocking revelations…about herself, her family, and her arch enemy. Now Miranda must step up and show everyone that she’s a witch to be reckoned with….before it’s too late.

My Thoughts:

Hi, guys and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Today’s the not the first day I’m making a mini book review, but it’s a first I’m putting it on its designated day. Why? Well, because throughout August I’ve been reading and reviewing, so I can put one or two mini review every second Sunday.

First of all, do not read this before reading both Reborn and Eternal, or at least Reborn! Trust me, I spoiled so much excitement because I read it. Second, why is this book not a Shadow Falls After Dark novel? I mean, if you haven’t read the new books, you wouldn’t have gotten what the hell was going on. Okay, it’s still explained why Della is the super new vampire or why Perry left, but still it’s damn confusing in the beginning!

But let’s get back to the book. Have you been wanting for Miranda to tell her story? Or at least a portion of it? But we finally get answers to many questions, and you’ll be shocked at many of the secrets that her family is hiding. Are you ready to dive in the Wicca competition? You should be, all the hell is going to get lose once the competition starts and you don’t want to miss all the fun! Enjoy it to its fullest and don’t forget to share your thoughts! Stay tuned for more and happy reading!



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