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Manga Review : Life is Short, Delinquent Youngster, Love! by Nijino Yuuka

Title: Life is Short, Delinquent Youngster, Love!
Original Title: Inochi Mijikashi, Koise yo Furyou Shounen!
Author: Nijino Yuuka
Artist: Nijino Yuuka

Year of Release: 2013
Genres: Romance, Shoujo, School Life, Slice of Life

Status: Completed 
Chapters (Translated in English): 8
Volumes & Chapters: 

Volume 1 Chapters 0-7


If you don't date her, you'll die! That was the prediction made to that delinquent boy, but what will be his destiny...?

My Thoughts

Review covers 8 chapters 

Now, let’s see what do we have here today! It’s a nice romance story, with quite a lot of bumps and turns. I read this story about three times, and every time I finished it, I had this stupid grin on my face. Why? Well, it is not just a normal story. The plot of every chapter gives us a little thrill here and there, and you just cannot fall in love with it.

From the title, you get to see that the story will take a fun twist. Meet our main character – Kuroiwa Masayoshi a delinquent who is told by Kami-sama (that’s God in Japanese) that will die if he doesn’t date a girl called Misaki Yuu. Imagine yourself on Masayoshi’s place; would you believe in the talk of some strange old man? No, well, you’re on a right pass, neither did our hero. But that just doesn’t make his day, due to all different misfortunes coming his way and nearly killing him. So, what to do now? There is not much and Kuroiwa Masayoshi goes to all-girl school to confess to Misaki Yuu - a very beautiful girl, who is not approached easily by her classmates due to her beauty. Now most of you would have thought that Masayoshi would have been rejected. Nope, that’s not happening. Yuu agrees without even thinking twice and so their love story begins.

The characters are amazing in both their nature and their development. One of the most interesting ones is the delinquent – Masayoshi. Through these eight chapters, the author shows that sometimes, nope mostly always we – people are judging by the stereotypes. It’s not Masayoshi’s fault that he has red hair and that he always gets in situations where in the end he get injured, but people only see a delinquent in him because of one mistake and no one is approaching him, or even normally talking to him. Misaki Yuu is also an amazing character, she also is alone like Masayoshi and those two suit each other perfectly. Another character, which I liked even though he appeared only once is Yuu’s brother- Tsubasa Misaki. That guy is just super cool. Well, he’s weird as the whole family of Yuu’s but he’s just the best weirdo of all. Who would make an army squad shoot at a 17-year-old just to make a point in Masayoshi not having an ability to be with Yuu?

You’ll get to see the picture, how their love will go on and what will happen to both of them. Will Masayoshi fall in love for real with Yuu? Why did Yuu agree so easily to going out with a delinquent? If you are interested, grab your copy now, or just visit online manga websites to read it. Enjoy it to its fullest. You will laugh, get a but shocked and smile a lot throughout the whole way. Happy reading!




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