Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Does Grammar Affect Our Income? A Study Conducted by Grammarly

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Welcome back to Katie’s Corner! What do I have for you today? Some time ago I was contacted and asked to share this amazing study with you.

Have you ever wondered why the teachers at school were nagging us a lot about grammar and spelling? Well, I remember that period, but then again, it helped me a lot with my writing. Well, you might have wondered, but Grammarly did a study to determine if our grammar and writing affect our income. Interested?

They polled nearly 500 freelance professionals in eight different job categories on e-Lance, an online platform. They review the profiles of freelancers who had received four or five-star ratings from employers to determine whether the accuracy of a freelancer’s profile is related to their credibility, hire-ability and pay.

While checking for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. The study determined that freelancers with the highest ratings had fewer mistakes in all eight categories (Writing & Translation, Admin. Support, Legal, Design & Multimedia, Engineering & Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Finance &Management and IT & Programming.

The researchers also found that the better writers tended to earn more money.
Freelance Writers & Translators made the fewer amount of mistakes, averaging 10.1 errors per every 100 words.
Freelancers in the IT & Programming fields fared the poorest, with 19.3 errors per every 100 words.

What do you think how many mistakes do you make on average per 100 words? I want to find out my ones. But knowing me, there might be quite a lot.

Do you want to know more about the study or the Grammarly? Check out their website and subscribe to their grammar checker. Write your posts, essays or novels with fewer mistakes! Improve your skills and get paid more! Grab your chance now! Check out this amazing infographic summarising the study: 

People with Stronger Writing Skills Are Better at Their

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